Sunday, October 5

Sunday Happy

my 'ex' step dad came for afternoon tea with his girlfriend; he's the girls 'Poppy'. Family really is how you choose to define it. he's the only 'grandfather' left on either side and although he and my mum are no longer together, he's the boybeans Poppy too. He's been in my life since i was 10 and although we are not really emotionally close, the bond is there and always will be; he was the first real gardener in my life! he's got the heart of a lion. besides lots of cups of tea, i made fresh bread and a semolina and yoghurt lemon syrup cake and Poppy brought half a kilo of snow peas from his garden,bottles and jars of his well loved home made spicy tomato sauces and pickles, 16 home made vege pies for the freezer and a fantastic spinach, feta and potato number, maybe not a fair swap... but he was a happy Poppy and the bean was happy too.


emmani said...

It's great to see the boybean! He's beautiful and looks very cheeky too...

I have the same 'problem' with Angel,
I have my dad.... he's Gramps
Then my sisters Dad.... he's Grandad
Then my mums partners... He's Abbaba (Ethiopian/Amharic)
Then there's C's dad... He's Appapan (Malayalam)

But it's not a problem because she has double the love!

emmani said...

Ooops that should say partner (singular!!) She's not that bad!

Laura Jane said...

Aah, family is family, and some of the best family are the ones you choose to include for yourself.

Love is love. That's what is important. Commit to it where you find it.

kouji said...

food looks good. :) nice color.

Kel said...

LOL, your mum thanks you. I could have posted a whole heap of the boy coz hes just tooo cuute, but then, im his mum... its so nice to have big families this way, loads of love going on. kouji, thanks, it tasted great too.

Anna said...

i agree with you. family is what you make it.
i have siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings and i love them all the same. my parents, step-parents and even the parents and step-parents of my step-siblings are all loving family to me.
the more the merrier!