Sunday, October 19

whatever you do, dont panic!

The girls are with their dad this weekend. he's flown down for 3 nights and they're all bunkered down in a hotel in town but B2 came back for the day yesterday to babysit an 8 month old for friends. They're mad kiwis; shes had hypothermia three times from engaging in extreme sports, been airlifted off Mt Cook and her partner almost died from renal failure from running a 52 km trail run in 38 degreee temps. That was last year. This year they decided to walk it, only taking 12hours; he hydrated well and she wasn't 30 weeks pregnant. Nuts. So they paid B1 $100 bucks for a 12 hour day. not bad for a 13 yo in my book. she loves babies and the day went really well; we took the 2 beans for walks and she fed, changed and put 'her' bean to bed. then she came out to join me in the garden while they were both inside sleeping AND SHE SHUT THE DOOR. a pizza oven brick came in handy. We now have a spare key somewhere.


wombat064 said...

OOOOOOPS !!!!!!!

Lisa Barrett said...

LOL, it's hard to believe it's a year since the last walk. The time she didn't tell me about it until AFTER. send my love to them please, and you.
I so love your blog.

Karin said...

Oh dear. The dreaded shut door. We have a set of spare keys duct taped in the compost bin. I figure no one is going to go looking in there. Oh but now I'll have to move them right? LOL

100 bucks for babysitting! Times have changed since I was 13!