Tuesday, October 28

rocket and walnut pesto

its the obvious thing to do with too much of both. The rocket is a virtual flowering hedge in the garden and last years walnuts really need finishing (only 6 kgs to go!) before the new season starts cropping and the bloody rats start having picnics again! i dont mind sharing, but i really hate how rats and birds and possums...oh the list goes on...just take a bite and then move on to destroy the next one, and the next one...

rocket - huge bunch, lightly blanched and water thoroughly removed
walnuts about 1/2 cup (shelled -not obvious to those who toss in whole eggs!)
6 cloves garlic
other herbs to round out the rocket (i used basil and parsley as i had both)
3/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup parmasen cheese
2 inch piece of red chilli, including seeds

whizz or mortar and pestle all ingredients except the oil until ingredients have broken down, then add oil bit by bit until the pesto reaches a consistency you like. this made about 1 cup of pesto.

The thing i love about food blogging is the complete seasonality of the recipes if you 'do' blogs in your growing zone. Its a wonderful resource.
Id love any suggestions of favourite walnut recipes or great ideas to help use the rest.


Kerrie said...

Waldorf Salad is a huge favourite of mine...it has to have the best available mayo though, home made if you can otherwise a good quality whole egg mayo will do.

Unfortunately I don't make it often, the boys are both highly sensitive to eggs and nuts...only three of us can eat it. I usually make it if we have 2-3 side dishes but also love it for lunch when home alone.

Veggie Gnome said...

Yum! That looks fantastic!

Walnuts are my favourite. Enjoy your glut! Make the Spiced Chocolate and Orange Cake with walnuts. That should be delicious. Or put them in your bread. Or throw a handful (roasted) on top of any pasta or risotto dish.

Or put a big bowl of walnuts with a nutcracker on the kitchen bench. They'll get eaten in no time. Good snacks.

Or get fresh dates, take out the seed, slide in a walnut half. Eat. Ahhhhhh... If you can be bothered, you can roll marzipan around the date/walnut. Then dip in chocolate. I don't bother. Just walnut and date is enough. :)

If you are desperate to get rid of your walnuts - I'll swap you my red currants (soon to come) with some of your walnuts. *LOL*

Kel said...

ohh yes, a swap sounds just great. im up for that! i love red currants, my all time fave on a cheese platter but so hard to find. i think the main problem i have with using walnuts is that im usually a bit short on time and the thought of another half hour shelling to do enough for a cake/bread means i invariably think 'next time'. i need to get family organised early i think and as you suggest, a bowl on the bench.

Veggie Gnome said...

Great! I like swaps! (Actually, I just like to be able to share the glut of whatever is in season.) Red Currants should start ripening from mid-end November. Will keep you informed.

Stop eating walnuts! Now! ;)

Anonymous said...

My slacker version of the rocket pesto is raw rocket, in the blender, with walnuts, garlic and olive oil. Extra herbs would have been good by my parsley was dying off last time I made pesto.

The kid liked it. But he likes anything if I call it dip.

Kel said...

LOL. i'll have to remember the 'call it dip' trick.

TheCrone said...

Ohhhh so that's the trick - blanching the rocket! I've been making heaps of this but couldn't work out why it had the raw grass taste underlying it's great flavour :)