Friday, October 24

The Growing Challenge - Post [ummm] #9?

its all about the 'em...lots of 'em. weed really is a relative term and they are the subject of my Growing Challenge post (hosted by Melinda at 1GreenGeneration) for this week. The weather has been perfect for growing and the weeds are no exception. My onion weed post of yesterday is just one clue to whats been on my gardening mind. i went looking for my peas yesterday and couldnt see them and had to dig around quite a bit to unearth the poor things. They have been crowded out a bit by...

weed #1. Forget me not. i cant believe in the past i have actually purchased this pretty little plant from the nursery. They are sprouting everywhere in the garden, but particularly in the vege patch. they look lovely but really add up!

weed #2. Seaside daisy. popping up as a companion to the forget-me-nots, rampant and smothers everything in its wake. ive only just saved my sprouting chives.

weed #3. Oregano. anyone need some fresh or dried? we have buckets of the stuff and i cant be bothered with it anymore. so i just rip it out where i find it, knowing that somewhere one or two will have been missed and i always leave a big clump in the herb garden. Its not a problem like the other weeds but its just bloody everywhere.

weed #4. not sure what its called. it sticks and its 'softly prickly' and feels just awful to touch. its my least favourite weed, if you know what i mean!

So i have weeded the lower vege patche and have tossed all 'weeds' into a big bucket of water with some blood and bone to rot down to a nice fertiliser. The liquid seaweed fertiliser that i had put on the garden over the last few weeks has obviously been absorbed by not only the seedlings but these as well and by recycling them as weed juice, i will be gtting about a 70% return on the original liquid investment!

Reading various gardening blogs in the last few days i have come across quite a few root vegetable posts and the woes of not thinning them out well enough. Oh, who would have thought id be into root vegetable posts? LOL But reading them has convinced me to go out and be completely brutal. every time i sow carrots or have planted out beetroot ( i know, Duh! Its pretty dumb to buy root vegetable seedlings since they hate being disturbed! ) i sort of go...'nahh, not me, mine will all grow nicely even if they are a bit crowded...and everytime i end up with the same thing; underdeveloped root veges.

So, i bit the bullet and went out and pinched out the one half of the pair of all those beetroot seedlings (chioggia and bulls blood) that were too close together despite an earlier thinning. Its the stress of plucking out a very healthy looking potential meal, it seems just so wrong to pull them when they're doing so well! We will have beetroot greens as a side salad for dinner tonight.

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