Thursday, October 23

onion weed pasta sauce

As a suburban block, our property is a relatively large area of land and that equates to lots of weeding. the land straddles a creek. on one side is the house, the vege patches, garden living areas and european trees and plants. on the other side is 'the reserve', home to a plantation of blackwoods, smaller native trees and bushes and potentially, lots of onion weed. (click here for a great picture of onion weed). onion weed requires perpetual monitoring early each spring so 'the problem' does not get out of hand. My husband usually spends a good 3 days at this time of the year doing an onion weed cull. when we were first dating, he cooked me a dinner with the fruits of his days work; Pasta with Onion Weed Sauce. as the culinary nazi in the family, i figured there was a reason that onion weed was not more utilised in a culinary fashion. Its main downfall... pretty much a lack of flavour. However, despite my laughter, he happily cooked up this sauce. So if youre game, here's the recipe.

1 days worth of onion weed 'pull', cleaned and stem removed from the 'pearl'
enough bechamel sauce for each serve of pasta ( i think my dislike started about here)
salt n pepper
butter for saute

Saute onion weed pearls ( sounds nice huh?) in butter until they soften. Make bechamel. Add pearls to sauce. Stir and pour over pasta. Season.
Thats it.

If i were doing it again, i think i would add some chilli, parsley, anything to give it some oomph as the pearls are sooo delicate in flavour.
I have to admit i loved him totally for it.

*addendum* Attention all Raymonds friends. Please leave a comment and let me know why my blog hit from his MySpace profile for this post has gone through the roof! was it the 'weed'?

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Jamie said...

Hi Kel

Thanks for visiting my blog, and yep, it's fine to link to my onion weed photo. Never thought of cooking the things, though. I have heard that corellas love eating onion weed, so maybe you're all onto something.


Jamie (Garden Amateur)