Saturday, October 11

damn, i forgot my camera [again]

through my blogging experience pictures really help make a blog post interesting. some bloggers write with such wit, style and clever use of language that they dont need a picture. However, Im not one of those bloggers and im always forgetting to take the camera. not good if you're not able to rely on said wit, style and use of language. often ive come home and sat down to blog and thought 'darn, shoulda taken the camera'.

Im particularly annoyed about todays mishap. we went out for lunch to a friends' house, she has 3 weeks of her pregnancy to go. interesting story in itself. Shes a single 39 yo who saw her chance at a baby by the traditional means slipping by. So she met a guy, said how about 'it'? he was 50, same situation, he said 'sure' and whaddaya know, first go...blimey, baby on the way. So these 2 complete strangers are negotiating their way through what seems to be a pretty modern relationship and they seem to be doing a really good job. im so impressed.
Anyway, he's into fishing, particularly fly fishing. im not normally really a 'wow, fishing!' kinda girl, i like it coz its a great way to legitimately sit around the waterfront for a whole day and do pretty much next to nothing in a very relaxing manner and im really into the whole catch/forage/grow your own food thing. lunch was really special for that reason, fresh snapper, prawns and calamari all caught by expectant dad. Fly fishing, bit more thought required and energy expended i know, but he makes his own 'flies'. they took my breath away. i spent half an hour inspecting two special pocket sized cases which were loaded with a whole variety of incredibly delicate, intricate and very beautiful lures. there were tiny replicas of lavae the size of ants, native bees, flies, and crickets just to name a few. They were made from delicate whisps of stunning feathers and deer hair, intricately bound and woven and trimmed to shape. they were tiny works of art. and they are why im really pissed i didnt take my camera to lunch.


Rixa said...

My dad and one of my sisters are big fly fishers. He loves to tie his own flies. Too bad you forgot the camera!

kouji | haiku said...

sounds fascinating. :) also why i'm a fan of cameraphones. :)

Kel said...

man, i have a phone with a great 5pixel camera..doh!