Thursday, October 2

this is not a compost post

i was going to do a post about compost and composting (how thrilling i hear you say) but Im all steamed up after a trip to the paediatritian (god, that spelling looks wrong). we booked in months ago and had to wait all this time. due to the rather traumatic entry of the bean into the world, we wanted what we thought was a bone haematoma on his head, checked. by the time the appointment came around it had pretty much resolved.LOL Nice guy, great baby bedside manner, boat shoes... and then he did IT. He told me i was a 'good girl' when i answered in the affirmative to his breastfeeding query. He had a lot of options to affirm the positive benefits for breastfeeding and my willingness to do so ... 'thats great', 'well done', 'healthy choice' and the like. But 'good girl' just ended him up in the paternalistic pile. Im a 38 yr old, highly educated professional and a mother of 3. Grrrrr

nb bean is fine. no bone abnormalities on the noggin and no apparent neurological damage, which is what we had been most concerned about having had an apgar of 1 at birth.


Lisa Barrett said...

Long term outcomes are only ever indicated after a 10/15 min apgar and not the 1 or the 5 min one.

I would go on Dr Amy's blog and say this but just can't be arsed. It's pointless, as you can see they just slag you off without any basis, just like the big system always does.

Kel said...

what i find really intriguing in the whole home vs hospy birth thing is just how antsy hospital at all cost proponents get. Home birth advocates go to great lengths to be civil, evidence based and discursively engaging and open. 'Hospital at all costs or else it equals child abuse' proponents seem to have no qualms at reverting to personal insults and subjective opine. they also seem to think you have no brain. My web stats have gone NUTS since i left a comment on a US anti home birth website. Its rather amusing.

Karin said...

Awwww...such a good girl. LOL ;-)

I loved breastfeeding - went for 18 months and would have gone more if not for IVF attempts. It's one of the things I miss the most. So I guess I was a 'good girl' too. (rolling eyes)

It's amazing how some issues bring out the worst in people. If there is one thing to be learned in life it's that nothing is black and white. I've had some strange comments over the years in relation to our tragedies (what did you do wrong? etc)- nothing is sacred.

That is funny about leaving a comment and then having 'the army' come to your door. LOL!!

I'm glad your little guy is ok. All sounds good. Your midwife sounded incredible.

Kel said...

such good girls...
yes, shades of grey is life and i can only imagine the very innapropriate things that you must have heard. People can be very insensitive and quite stupid sometimes. Its quite weird being 'stalked' by these women who have no qualms about attacking you personally, they forget about the 'discussion' bit and go straight for the jugular. I can only say that after my contribution the 'debate' veered off into some VERY strange discussions about christ and Marx and birthing and bottle is best!!!!