Saturday, October 18

my first meme

Kerrie from Life @ Number 14 has tagged me for a meme. Thanks (i think!)
7 random or weird facts about moi, hmm, here goes...

1.When i was 14 i was an exchange student and went to live in Bangkok with a royal Thai family.

2.i can flip my eyelids inside out. A good party trick when you're 8, not so useful when youre 38. favourite sandwich is an onion bagel with shredded lettuce, rare roast beef and loads of horseradish cream.

4. my most unusual job was working for QLD Health as a non-english speaking health and legal peer educator in the QLD sex industry and sitting in a townsville brothel at 2am listening to police calls on the CB radio and advising sex workers on police locations (hiding in a cupboard whilst delivering condoms to a worker when her client turned up was also memorable)

5. an ex boyfriend once stole 10K from me (i still randomly call him and leave nasty messages!) now i understand all those 'Today Tonight' style current affair revenge stories!

6. i once went to a mexican dinner party dressed as Frida Kahlo (it wasnt fancy dress)

7. Im 1 12th aboriginal australian

rules are i have to tag 7 others. not sure if you all do the meme thing, but im giving it a go. You've been chosen coz im nosy and think you might have some great weird facts to share. i love reading this stuff!

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kouji haiku said...


Julie said...

Ooh, you *are* wierd ;-) Except the onion bagel thing, which made me feel really hungry even though I just ate. Thanks for the tag (?!)

Karin said...

All very interesting! I love the ode to Frida Kahlo. That's great!

Kerrie tagged me too. I now have to think of some things about myself. Hmmmm...