Monday, October 20

A new crunchy challenge?

This weekend saw taurus rising get a whole lotta hits. Im always interested to see when cyber peeps go searching on google and end up here, what they were looking for (too much free time i know).I got tonnes of wood fired pizza oven searches, particularly build + wood + fired + pizza + oven + dummies. i can do something on that! I think some home make over show in NZ must have had a feature on outdoor pizza ovens.

menstrual + pads + voyeur sent sickos my way! Some people are truly strange. maybe they dont know about the visible backlink....I didnt want to ponder too long on that one. not sure where the peak interest in that came from.

Here's my favourite...water + tank + challenge got a flurry of interest. At first i thought this was a new Crunchy Chicken challenge, but the volume of searches sent me back linking and i figured it must have been the 'sexy blonde brazilian' you tube footage of a 'sexy blond brazilain' submerged in a tank of water in her white floaty skirt, g-string (no brazilian in sight... snicker) of whom everyone was scrambling to get an eyefull. the tv show it aired on showed no apparent outcome of such a challenge, just an opportunity to show a 'wet and sexy blond brazillian'. I was amazed that she even had on a pair of matching white porn star heels in that tank of water. Talk about overdressed.


wombat064 said...

Hi Kel,
I have a confession, for once I wasn't part of the Sicco Parade.

However I think I may have discovered who stole my white shirt.

I deny any knoweledge of the G-string and shoes....

Veggie Gnome said...

Wow, I have learned something new today, as I did not know about visible backlinks. Thanks. Very interesting!

Also thanks for the Locavore write-up. I had been meaning to go there for ages, but will now make a point to do so soon.