Wednesday, November 18

what does your week taste like?

Limes and Lycopene has an interesting post today which got me thinking. What does a week or two look like on the food front at Chez Pan? Thinking back over 7 days, what have we eaten...
Let me start with tonight and work my way back a week:

:: homegrown salad with tuna and local goat feta , herbs and a balsamic glaze .
:: biodynamic beef burgers on Brezel rolls with homemade tomato relish, homegrown salad and dijon (looking forward to my dill pickles being ready)
:: homemade tortilla with yoghurt-jalapeno guacamole, salad and organic grated cheese
:: locally made spinach ravioli with simple organic tomato sauce
:: herby stuffed mushrooms with salad.
:: homemade pizza with roasted pumpkin, garden greens, local olives and australian feta
:: local lamb chops / vege burger with homemade mint sauce and potato caper salad

So, according to Limes and Lycopene, Ive done the pasta, pizza and meat 'n' veg. How about you? I have to say Im pretty happy with that weeks meal offerings, more meat than I thought we'd had but B2 the vego has been away for 4 days on camp...which has been a complete bummer on the blogging pics front as I use her camera! I tried to tell her she couldnt take it...but then i felt really not a good mother to let her kid take her own stuff.
What has your week tasted like? Im gunning for some ideas!


greenfumb said...

Very tedious here, mince to use up so Spag Bol, only meat ex-Veg Teen2 will eat really. Better tonight - Sri Lankan curry with any vegetable lying around in fridge and garden - bit heavy handed on the chilli though - sinuses very clear ha ha.

Got my toothbrushes this week - absolutely love them and amazingly so do the Teens. Hubby isn't convinced so far but I am giving them away to friends to encourage conversion. Shame about all the bloody packaging though.

Maggie said...

Highlights of our week
homegrown sorrel and pizza thyme, oregano, black pepper and Udder delights goats fetta pizza. YUM
Pan fried Urrbrae high goat chops with wild rocket salad.Tender and delicious.
Roasted Spear Creek lamb with rosemary and mint, parsley, spring onion and citrus salad. Best lamb in the world.
All served with homemade honey mead, local reds or homemade porter. Feeling hungry?

Katy said...

With a menu like that....please adopt me !
We have had local organic chicken - cooked up with garlic & herbs (all local co - op goods) with local salad on baked potatoes.
Chicken & veg
Chicken stir fry.
Probably the only non local/organic thing was the noodles for the stir fry - the Mt will only eat the egg noodles (anyone have an idea for a local alternative?) and yes I am on a non red meat week as usually we have a fair bit of it ( I have a meat & 3 veg bloke) x

Barbara said...

Gnocchi with last summer's
pesto sauce (from the freezer
obviously!) last night.
Tofu and vegetables for lunch.
My husband cooked chilli squid
on Monday night. Japanese brunch
of rice and various side dishes
for some friends on Sunday.
Pyttipanna (a Swedish use up
what's in the fridge thing) -
everything else was unremit-
tingly Asian. We also had dinner
at a friend's house and had
a meal at our local pub on
Sunday night (too hot to cook).
Your menu sounds more exciting!

Kelly said...

greenfumb- sri lankan curry and spag bog dont sound tedious! toothbrushes are awrsome we have to agree and i thought the packaging was pretty exe considering- recycled cardboard outer box with paper address sticker and recycled inner boxes for individual sale and paper enevlopes for each brush inside to keep them clean. they could have removed the individual boxes i do agree, bbut overall i was impressed.

maggie - yum yum- thi spost was aas i had hoped! THE BEARER OF NEW IDEAS. oops caps. please tell me about spear creek lamb!!!!!

katy- hehe, you'll just have to settle for a summer blogger wood oven pizza party! or cockle hunt(more on that to come- soo busy) yum, free range chicken with garlic and herbs- cant beat that!!! the egg noodles are local no? asian stores in central market sell fresh ones made in thebarton or suchlike.

barbara- its allways grener on the other side! your week sounds mucho delish to me! Im gonna have to google those Pyttipanna thingys- like okonomiyaki if i remember back to a post last year???

greenfumb said...

Sri Lankan curry is the biz I admit, any ingredient will do - meat, eggs, veges....Thank goodness for homegrown curry leaves.

OK so they were recycled but definitely think we should query the individual boxes. However, heaps better than a horrible plastic toothbrush in a plastic coated package that is almost impossible to open! Again thanks so much for the tip.

Teens have put their initials on theirs so they don't get confused, normally we are colour coded.

Maggie said...

Check out their website everyone, it gives Adelaide suppliers and recipes, but I reckon it is so great I just roast it with olive oil on a bed of rosemary.
It cooks quickly, and has a wonderful meaty, salty taste.
The guys on the website look good too.
I am going to write about this meat and some other great South Aussie foods, lets gobble them up here so they are not sent to the bigger cities.
Hey it is cool today, good day for roast lamb.

Kelly said...

greenfumb- yes, a query on the necessity of the boxes could be good! on you!

maggie- thatnsk for that link. when i googled them the website had no visible links justa front page! weird. Aldgate sells it so will check it out..soon!