Sunday, November 29

I love what you're doing now, Mum

That was music to my ears. B1 has been droppping reference to our lifestyle and living passions for a few months now. Im not sure if its because she's getting older and seeing things through a different and more mature lense or if that having ramped up our committments to volunteer activities, having lots of things going on and people dropping by she is encouraged to speak out. Whatever its source, Im stoked. Happy dancing pleeeased! It has been my one source of insecurity as a mother; to not be respected and appreciated by my kids, so her independent thoughts on the matter are priceless. I have to admit her sentiments were brought on by a mouthful of gifted organic rasberries from The Gnomes, but her comment fed into a feeling Ive been carrying for months.

Im very content right now in life and I think I may have to partly thank the girls Dad for moving away as its allowed us all to settle down and find a common easy pace. Ive never been in this place before. I feel so alive. Busy as all hell but really really connected. Volunteering my time to help get another business up and running and starting up my own has really helped me appreciate and value myself and get out there amongst 'life'. Academic life in my department is very male dominated, tough and an often thankless and isolating grind. My boss has NEVER told me told Ive done a good job; "Thanks Kel, well done". Can you believe that, after 10 years??? Its staggering. Its just not in his nature and lots of us struggle with it. So working for free and having some skills that others are grateful to recieve and being appreciated is really nice and novel(?!) Im gaining confidence and doing more, putting myself out there and trying new things. So life is chock a block busy and despite having this thesis to complete, life is well rounded and vibrant and I never imagined Id be here! Im totally enjoying being a part of my community.


Belinda said...


Since I imagine you have probably both had tussles over the years about why her house can't just be "normal" that would have to be so gratifying. The fact she has come round to seeing the value in what you are doing should make it a very valid way for her to choose to live in the future.

Kind Regards

Sarah said...

How absolutly wonderful and freeing to feel like this...

and for the children to appreciate what you do.

Well done Kel.

Veggie Gnome said...

Well done, Kelly! You are doing a fantastic job with your kids. They are great kids! How could they not be - with a great mum!? Keep up the good work. You are on the right track. :))

Laura Jane said...

Great to hear Kelly. It warms the cockles of the heart to hear and feel such happiness.

Onya! (and Si too)
Good times.

Annuska said...

Well, you deserve it all! So good to be recognised by the ones that matter most!

Kelly said...

belinda- well we hope so as parents dont we? Its always tricky being outside the norm- but i have made it easier i think by conforming on certain occasions and having great holidays!

sarah- you nailed it and i didnt even realise it mysef- it is so freeing! Its such a sweet moment, but i know that next week may bring tears! lol

veggie- thanks! its feels right fo rme... and you know jasper loves you!( and prolly the girls too no thanks to you know what!)

laura jane- thanks too mate, warms my own heart and takes me by surprise. My life in the last 10 years has been so incredibly turbulent that being is this place right now makes me feel so grateful and very appreciative. Let the good times roll!

Annuska- thanks love!

elburro said...

thanks for posting such a great moment kel. i'm inspired to keep up the struggle.