Sunday, November 8

green knickers

We went to the local Greens-party fundraising dinner last night. Great food (pesto and goats cheese bruschetta, thai chicken curry and pistachio and rose 'cake', (strange combo in hindsight but it worked) great location (Macrocarpa wholefoods in Mt Barker) and great music (la vien rose with a twist). I have to say Im a sucker for sitting in a gourmet whole foods shop for hours being wined and dined; fantastic opportunity to peruse the aisles of bio-dynamic dried beans, fermented soy waters made by the bare feet of eunichs and various types of all claiming to be 'the best salt in the world'. Interestingly, and quite unexpectedly, I came home with a new pair of knickers! Green knickers. If you want some, lemme know. $15 bucks a pop, made in Oz and all proceeds go to the local Greens. They're sage green and black cotton spandex blend )Im normally an all cotton girl but these were just so cool) but this awful nighttime pic on my bedside table of this pair of pristine duds doesnt do them justice. Dont you love that about blogging? you get to know about my new knickers!


Stewart said...

Huummm, maybe the less said by me the better, but they do look flash. said...

your undies, my knee socks...we leave nothing to the imagination!

hayley said...

Those are some green knickers! love them totally. my new love is my taurus long boots kinky but are for horse riding. still envious of your pants!

belinda said...

:-) how cute.

What would the world be coming to if you can't share knickers stories between friends.

Kind Regards