Thursday, November 5

No.1 kitchen implement

This is it. This is why I wanted, needed to go to the royal show this year. Its the only place I know to get them. I bought my first one about 10 years ago from one of those stalls with the big bloke who's all miked up and peeling hundreds of vegetables in like five seconds, even tomatoes (who even peels tomatoes?) and who you just know never cooks at home but he's there flogging these magical things, the eighth wonder of the modern world. (digress) But it dissappearred one day,i think it got chucked by accident, into the compost or the landfill bucket or maybe someone nicked it coz theyre sooo good. But I never found it and had to wait five long months until the show rolled into town. Its a tungsten blade multi-purpose mainly pumpkin peeler. If you need to remove pumpkin skin, its magic, totally stress free, ergonomic peeling magic. But it really comes into its own for these...parsnip chips, oiled up and baked, my favoured way to eat parsnip. One parsnip stripped into shreds in under a minute. So delicious that once again I didnt take a pic of the crispy end product.
Favoured kitchen implements. Discuss.


Sarah said...

so they actually do work and not just selling a doggy item... Maybe when I see it next I will buy.

Kerrie said...

I have one too and adore it. I hope you bought more than one when you went to the show, just in case it disappears into the compost again.

Have you noticed that ordinary plastic vegie peelers are manufactured in the same colours as vegie peelings..?? They are either orange, green, yellow or white...I'm sure it's a plot.

I have two equal favourite kitchen "toys" v-slicer and my potato ricer, would find it hard to be without them now. The ricer does the most incredible mashed potatoes ever, it's the best for gnocchi. I made a ricotta gnocchi recently and put the ricotta through the ricer, it was the best batch ever and we can't wait for more.

This is a fun thread Kel.


kylie said...

hey I got 1 of those free at a woolies demo.. good for sumthin

Laura Jane said...

Yep, I've got one too, although I've never noticed the slightly wavy/serrated look on the blade like on yours.

I MAY have a cheaper version, available in supermarkets here. I've never tried using it for pumpkin skin, although without the flashy blade like yours I suspect it would be not so good.

Those parsnip strips look good!

Barbara said...

Oh wow. I've got one of these
and I never knew what it was!
I found it when we were cleaning
out my mother in law's house
after she died. No more hacking
at pumpkins with a knife!

Kelly said...

sarah- totally! if i need to take off pumpkin skin its brilliant, you dont lose half the pumpkin like with a knife

kerrie- they are and YES!! the bloke was the brilliant one suggsting we purchase two..i never did notice that, we dont have a regular peeler as i rarley peel except for pumpkin on pizza and parsnip chips. whats next? hmmm

kylie- hi! woolies is good for summin indeed! a free one! score. also good on a stinking hot day

laura-jane- my old one never had the serrated blade either, i like that one better but i think the key to these things is the tunsten blade, so strong, unbendable. memory of regular peelers is the blades quite warpable. I bet yours works a treat on pmpkin- try it tonight!

barbara- yay!!! i love being useful, you never know what good info you may find on a blog post. I guarantee you a love affair.

Katy said...

I so need to get one x