Thursday, November 19

OMG dill pickle!

Dunno about you, but for some reason I love a dill pickle. Trashy little numbers they are, the cheap, flirty end of the burger. Kind of like the bad end of town. B2 came home from four days at camp. She's a fermented, salty, weird-food loving kinda girl , besides the dead animal weird. I knew she'd love the idea of a huge earthernware crock full of pickle which I'd made while she was away. "Check these out". Wow, four days after being submerged in their spiced, vinegared brine they tasted awesome; crisp and crunchy with the dill and garlic already shining through and already they are that weird pickle colour. God knows what they'll be like in four weeks! Not a bad way to treat a cucumber. Welcome back Lily.


James said...

What's your recipe / pickling method? Are Lebanese cucumbers suitable? I'm desperately looking for a way to deal with the cucumber mountain here.

Kelly said...

OMG! a mountain of cukes! heaven. I used lebanese cukes. no sign of 'pickling cukes' anywere around here. I used this recipe, had a good description
good luck

belinda said...


With a welcome home like that she is going to want to travel more often :-D

Kind Regards

Kelly said...

hehe- a welcome home with a dill pickle..not quite chocolates and flowers.