Thursday, November 26

I am mute

I have had not much to report about anything for, what?...2 and a half days now. How can it be? I've done stuff, the Bloke and the Beans have done stuff, I've been out, worked, cooked, shopped, socialised, loved and argued and nothin', absoloutely nothin' has leapt up , hypothetical arms waving , yelling "blog me, blog me" except for this complete lack of insight into the minutae of my existence. I think the sheer monotony of finishing the Thing is getting to me. Plod plod plod is what you'd hear if my brain was on its own speaking terms.

(thanks Annuska for the pic)


Katy said...

Don't panic...I'm a bit ploddy myself and I don't have a fact I think my ipod is the soundtrack to a la plod x

belinda said...


Pushing yourself to finish THE THING will do that to you.

I suspect Katy is right though. There seems to be a lot of us plodding along right now.

Kind Regards

Veggie Gnome said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that silence. ;)

Just relax. It's YOUR blog, you can do whatever you like. And if you don't want to do anything - it's YOUR blog. :)

Ramsey said...

Hi Kel,
Hang in there and keep editing those pages. The summit is in sight and there is plenty of oxygen, so keep at it.
It won't be long and "it" will be a distant memory and you will have a heap more time for the kids, the man and blogging.

Laura Jane said...

Grab and oar hon, we're in the same boat, but remember...when rowing, you travel backwards, which makes the finishing line appear by surprise sometimes. Keep rowing, you'll get there before you know it.


Kelly said...

plod plod plod. gald its not just me! The Thing, is a terrible THing, so close yet so far... my problem is i enjoy blogging so not getting the mental or physical time stinks and Laura jane- Im soooo loving that boat alnalogy, i suspect you may be right!