Monday, November 30

A little bit of inspiration

If you're after some, check out Jessica Watsons blog, live from wherever she may be, sailing her way around the world in an attempt to be the youngest solo circumnavigator. I have to admit to being a little swayed by my own prejudice (none of it remotely rational, ick, but then that's prejudice...) and all the negative publicity following her notorious 'first day at sea' accident with a 52,000 tonne tanker -oops- in her pretty pink 34" (and dont we Aussies just love a tall poppy?), but really what better publicity? But after reading her blog, shes a pretty amazing level headed 16 year old who can pen a decent piece (whatever that may mean in this keyboard world). Good on her for following her dreams and believing in herself at such a bloody young age. For all the nay-saying, I never begrudged her the fact that she is out there doing something active, following her passions and believing in herself in such an amazingly self reliant way. Incredible. And I find the thought of setting sail on our planned world trip with five of us, daunting??? And thinking about MY 15 year old even suggesting such an adventure...pfft! Its a really interesting read to follow the thoughts of a 16 year old girl alone at sea and incredibly expansive to connect with another pace of life. While Im on the topic of new blogs, please send me your current favourite blog read. In the market for adding to my blog roll without all the surfing ( no T.I.M.E) as we all have blogger block I need to fill in the gaps people!


kale for sale said...

I'm passing the inspiration on to the cute guy, he-who-can-turn-any-conversation-towards-sailing. I have a couple of people I check in with for different reasons that inspire me. The first is Novella Carpentar of Farm City fame and her Ghost Town blog. She inspires me to break the rules. And the other is a bit of farming meditation by helge hellberg, the guy who runs Marin Organics. He has a very calming voice but doesn't post often. But then I don't get around to read him often so it works. I like the question. Thanks.

Kelly said...

kale- thanks for the links. Will check out soooon!