Monday, November 23

the bus

Im fully fledged now. The complete and total 'take the lunch and to-go coffee mug and bus to work' package person. Its taken a while to get to full capacity but I have finally taken 'The Last Step'. The symbol of priviledge in my little wee world; The Car Park Permit has been Handed Over. Relinquished. Forgone. I shocked myself in a really scary way at just how difficult it was to hand over this final trapping of priviledged car ownership. People kept telling me 'its a four year wait you know' like i was handing over some totaly religious thing, a coveted icon without which I would be condemned forever. It freaked me out. So I wasnt driving, but I had this relic, this pass that was costing me $1000 a year but not being used but held onto 'just in case'. It got handed in yesterday. Catching the bus has been a revelation. A freedom like I never expected. I expected to feel stuck and trapped at losing the so called 'independence' of a car to work. Instead I was rewarded with a sense of total relaxation and joy. So much that it too surprised me. I get home relaxed and refreshed ready to take on the dinner/bath/Mum shift. Im happy. Chilled. Its a meditation. Driving really is a complete pain in the ass. A stressful pain in the ass, an 'I've been duped into thinking its easier' pain in the ass. Cant recommend it highly enough. Especially as a harried parent. Its perfect. I get time out- I read or just stare out the window. I feel reconnected to community. I feel a bit like a teenager again when I step off, free and cruisy out in public. I feel surprisingly in control. I really cant recommend it highly enough. Ive been known to reject a lift home so as not to miss this special feeling. You?


Rixa said...

I can really relate to the feeling of independence and freedom that comes from using public transport or walking/biking to where you need to go. I don't find cars very liberating at all. I mean, we have one that we use for road trips and shopping that's too far for walking, but it's definitely not used every day. There's no such thing as any kind of public transport in the town I live in, but it's small enough and we live in the middle of town in one of the oldest streets, that we can get most places easily on foot.

Laura Jane said...

Absolutely! Its a well kept secret that busy women can RELAX while on the bus home. I never minded taking two trains and a bus to uni. Even with two changes to make I could get in a a decent number of pages on a novel (or some swotting if required)

And to swap it for $1000 p.a. Phut! Choice well made!!!

greenfumb said...

Well done you!

I love going on the train, its so relaxing compared to doing a 45 minute battle with the Pacific Highway every morning, but I have found it very difficult to get up the 20 minutes earlier and stagger up the 15 minute vertical slope to get to the station, or pay the $5 for the carpark.

Must try harder.

Tricia said...

I can totally relate to your feelngs of freedom and connection. Although - I havn't been as good as you and still take the car every now and then (like today when I have 101 chores to do during lunch and along the way). I now catch the bus or train or ride. I love being 'within' my community - rather than just driving through it in a big steel box.

kale for sale said...

I literally said to someone on Saturday that I step off the bus in the city every day and feel free. I wish I would have said cruisy! That sounds more fun. And yes, I've turned down the opportunity for a ride so many times because I want the transition time between work and getting home. Especially when I've got something good to read. Taking the bus is quite luxurious but then I get to cross the Golden Gate twice a day. What's not to love? I'd never do it if I had to drive. Thanks for the new word. I can't wait to use it.

Kelly said...

rixa- independence and freedom. I think we need to market public transport this way. im still recovering from the fact that you have no public transport in your town!INcredible but very gald its small enough to walk!

laura jane- i think so too! feel quite dumb in hindsight. Again, another great marketing angle to get the public on busses.

greenfumb- my hill is not as bad as a mosman style hill...only about half the length and a third of the pitch! to crawling involved.

tricia- yes we just 'share' a bigger steel box! its the 'irresponibility' that i love! I can only do uit though as kids can get selves to school now and bloke stays home with the boy.

kale- its an Aussie-ism! Go for it - we need a bit of dual directional cultural contamination! That transition time is pure bliss!

Annuska said...

I still love a road trip but agree that there is nothing like public transportation for that feeling of freedom within the city and going to work- it takes time though, and sometimes can be a bit restrictive specially in Adelaide. Today I am in Melbourne and just so love to walk it, bike it and use the trams freely- such a good network that makes it so easy and I really feel free!

Katy said...

I used to love catching the train .... it is a good wind down to get into 'home' mode x