Thursday, December 4

the last post

dramatic huh? well it feels that way. i must be the last person on earth without a laptop(more drama, i do have a big screen though, does that count?) and B1 nearly dropped dead at my tongue-in-cheek suggestion that i borrow hers while we are away, so its internet cafes in Hawaii or zip. Embarrassingly, Im feeling deprived already. Hows that? you go on holiday, have heaps of time, loads of good blog fodder and you cant blog! Cruel. I even considered buying a laptop...just for a teensy weensy second my mind did go that bad? We are suitably 'putered up in San Fran thank god. I should manage a week...

As of last week, we dropped the WOOFING plans. After our meltdown we decided a h.o.l.i.d.a.y was required and thanks to Craigslist, we found a beautiful old colonial style plantation house, which has been converted to apartments. Its about 40 minutes from Waikikki, 30 seconds from the beach and is according to their speil anyway, is rich with turtles and whales. Bliss. So Ive packed the books instead of the boots but we will visit the biodynamic dairy and winery where we had planned to stay. Im hoping that unlike the mainland of the US, Hawaii has some decent cheap food offerings else we will be living on bananna and pineppples. Eating out in the US is a real hit and miss affair in my expereince. i remember searching, on foot, high and low in Santa Monica for a restaurant that served side of salads or plain vegetables with their meals and not just jumbo fries. Dont even ask about Annaheim! Maybe things have changed in 3 years... thank god we are heading to Marin in San Francisco where food is GOOOOOD. 3 weeks of yummy biodynamic farmers market fare. whoohoo! and BIL is a mean cook too...Im salivating already. I will be very interested to see what the plans are for Christmas day, i have never done a US Christmas.

The man and the boy are packed, kindly used a suitcase betwen them and left a whole one for me! The hall is looking like a creche, en route. Its absurd ...stroller... kindercot... nappybag... sling... beetlechair... rugs... bowls... nappies..summer clothes..winter clothes...which toy to pack? small babies sure don't travel lightly. I cant tell you how relieved we were when the airline informed us yesterday that our baggage allowance was 62kg each. thats nuts and doesnt include the stroller. PAX load HERE I COME.

Preparing for a month long home haitus isnt easy when you factor in not only house,garden and pet maintainance but also dealing with the girls end of year school and club festivities, productions and celebrations and sending them off to another state two weeks after you have departed. Needless to say i have lists, more lists and lists of lists covering the dining table for each shift of caretakers, of which we have 4. Im looking forward to getting on that plane and that's saying something coz i hate flying, the beans crawling and has now cut a tooth.

My gift to you in celebration of rain...a really nice salad recipe that i am going to make when i get back to use up some of my beetroot and carrot ( if our minders havent chowed through the lot) and a pic of the boybean i took yesterday.

'now bugger off' , i hear you say!


Veggie Gnome said...

Have a marvellous time! It'll all work out at home. You'll see!

Hawaii - when I was there yonks ago, we lived on Japanese food, which was plentiful and delicious. Things might have changed. *fingers crossed*

Hope to see some great pictures once you have access to computer and Internet again! Make us drool! Now, go and have fun! :)

Gavin said...

Yes I agree that packing for long trips is hard. Now bugger off and have fun! Have a great holiday Kel, Si and Baby Bean.


Julie said...

I was going to wish you fun, but I *know* you will anyway, so I'll just send lots of great weather/ great food/great service/no dramas vibes for you to take with you :-)


elburro said...

What a beautiful picture.

Lisa Barrett said...

*waves* have a great time.

Kerrie said...

The BabBean is just beautiful, a gorgeous photo of him. Actually Kel, I have a wee request...when you are home and settled I'd love to hear your thoughts about raising a son after daughters. I know many people who have single gender families. Raising a (step)son can be utterly baffling for me at times...I'm wondering if it is simply that he is a boy or instead that he has come into my life at nine years old and I have had no input into the foundation years of his life. Often John feels similarly about raising a daughter now after three sons.

Have a wonderful trip...hope the journey isn't too arduous. Does the Bean sleep well..?? I don't envy you a jetlagged baby whose internal body clock is still set on Australian time.

Take good care & check in when you can, I'm looking forward to hearing of your big adventure but am going to (selfishly) miss your daily meanderings.

Kerrie said...

Oops, didn't proofread, that would be Baby Bean in the first sentence...getting late, am off to bed.

Hope your packing is done...!!!