Wednesday, December 3

in my inbox this morning

Beyond the Ordinary December newsletter:

Energy Light globes
I just had every light globe changed over for energy efficient ones for nothing by phoning Envirosaver and the phone number is 1800 368 476. Why not do the same if you haven’t already. You make the appointment, they come round and do every light they can (shower heads also available) All free!


Kerrie said...

We did this a few weeks ago Kel, hoping to see a difference in the next electricity bill, ours seems to be huge despite all efforts (and much nagging) to try and keep it down.

wombat064 said...

Hi Kel , we had this done too . saved us lots just in changeover costs...

Havea good trip.

Kel said...

here's hoping kerrie. on ya!

thanks phil. onya too

i just cant believe they do it all for free!!!