Saturday, December 27

what do you think?

well, nothing like the proof in the pudding, right? 15 people for Xmas dinner, most had never had a christmas pud ... this is what's left after we set it on fire.
what do you think?


wombat064 said...

Your Right Kel, Plum pud is Christmas, Pumkin pie should be halloween.


Anonymous said...

So for those of us back on the pudding home front, what does the pumpkin pie taste like?

Veggie Gnome said...

Yes! Well done!
Are they going to make a pud next christmas? That's when you know you've really won. :)

Kerrie said...

Woo Hoo for the Pud...!!!

What were their thoughts..??

Laura Jane said...

The Xmas pudding wins!!!! BY a landslide! THAT's how I like to eat my fruit! Surrounded by cake (or chocolate)

Pumpkin pie....meh, like ruined, and set, canned pumpkin soup.

Pudding, Pudding, Pudding

kale for sale said...

I'm thinking I'd like that last piece of Christmas pudding. I've not had it before but damn it must have been good because that pumpkin pie looks killer.

Kel said...

wombat-hope you had a good xmas . Pud definitely says Xmas to me!

ICG- kerries comment a few days ago and laura janes above said it for me. Baby food /curdled soup set into a pie. Its an interesting texture, one that needs accepting; light and fluffy. The flavour is good, not very pumpkiny, brown sugar and fresh ginger and nutmeg and cinnamon with whole wheat crust..tasty.

Veggie-somehow i think not...but i dont think they'd refuse if someone made them one.

Kerrie - they loved it and were very interested to taste it after such a cooking procedure of boiling then boiling again. they just couldnt imagine what it might be like. the english and french at the table said best pud ever, but thats amnesia for you!

laura Jane-LOL. the ud was good was the pumpkin pie was tasty. im a big fan of taste explosion and excess and for me the pie , despite the spices, was very subtle. i like being hit on the head with flavour.

kale for sale- should have invited you over! doh! pud has just dissappeared in that other great english tradition. Pud fried in butter for breakfast! the whole wheat crust was its making i have to say, but the fresh ginger came a close second.