Tuesday, December 16

carols, cider and wreath making

yesterday saw us down at the Fairfax women's centre at dusk for a bout of community lovin. It was picture post card, chocolate box stuff like i have never experienced and i had to keep my cynical self in check. I was very impressed with myself at allowing the festive moment to engulf me and not let Miss Party Pooper out for the occasion to ruin all my fun. The womens centre hall, sitting in a grove of redwoods, itself picture post card, was decked out with pointsettia and christmas lights and decorations, a fire was 'on' (switched on - playing on a tv screen, was a shock but i acclimatised!), carolers were on the stage singing and there were party goers sitting at the trestle tables enjoying spiced cider and a 'pot luck' dinner (i kid you not). Out the back of the hall there was much activity at the tables loaded with branches, berries, pine cones and wire where the wreath making was being undertaken by parents and children with much enthusiasm and joint carol accompaniment. As a first christmas for the boy i have to say it was a pretty good start to the christmas celebrations; it was a moment to remember and apparently its normal. Here's my wreath on the front door ( a gift from Sean Penn to my SIL - how cool is that?).
* yikes - my phone is having trouble uploading to Flickr , so i will keep trying - its tres cuuuuute! Hmm ended up bluetoothing it across but the door colour looks very washed out..its actually Chinese red!

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Kerrie said...

It makes so much more sense participating in Wintery Christmas activities in the Northern hemisphere, doesn't it..??

Just once in my life I'd love a white Christmas...the baby bean is a lucky boy indeed that his first is very special.

Good to her from you Kel...hope all is well with you.