Monday, December 1

very very bad news

the boybean has learnt to crawl... this morning...just now...4 days before a long haul flight...he has just scuttled across the floor to reach a toy...the nappybag...the combustion heater (as yet not fully cleaned from winter so not something i particularly want him gobbing)...this is a worst case, 'mogadon me up to the eyeballs' scenario for i have been vocal about definitely not wanting to experience...the 'get me down on the floor limp body and arms straight up' technique that only small kids do perfectly and visions of 1001 trips following small person up small narrow and busy aisle as he practices his new found freedom. Bright side...the beach should be hell fun.


Barbara said...

And if someone drops a $50 note
on the floor of the plane,
you'll be thf first to find it!

Rixa said...

Uh oh, watch out! Hope your flight goes smoothly.

elburro said...

Yup,gack. Been there so many times and each time was horrible. I hope that you have a direct flight to wherever you're going. One plane trip is bad enough. Add a chunk of time in an airport and then another flight? It's too much.

naturewitch said...

Hi Kel

Gooood Luck!!! Can you feed the boybean chamomile tea in a bottle? Wouldn't hurt him (unless he's allergic to plants in the compositae (daisy) family), but might keep him a bit settled.

When travelling, some homeopathic cocculus can be helpful for jet lag. Apparently you take it before boarding and on arrival, then only as needed.

Have fun! xx

Kel said...

barbara- positive glass half full paradigm- im trying it in between deep breathing.

rixa - yup, but i have a new paradigm

el burro - yup, gack. didnt want to do it again either. first baby had a tendency toward the scream and chuck when flying too of which this one has shown no signs at all so im hoping he was a pilot in a previous life

naturewitch - i was thinking maybe if i had a champagne or two...but i will temper his water bottle with some chammomile, thas a great suggestion... in case the doctored breast milk fails ;-)

blue milk said...

Crawling babies are one of my favourite sights in the world... troublesome though they are.