Wednesday, December 24


cozy afternoon
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just back from a late afternoon walk with the boy. House warm; fire on, grandma fifi reading and watching the boy, Aunty Jen at her easle, Oona too, Ezra working on house plans on his laptop, Bruce Coburn in the air, kettle boiling. Chocolate out. Thinkin' I'm pretty happy right now.


Kerrie said...

It's sounding pretty idyllic Kel.

It's warm here, can hear the sound of lawn mowers, Matilda is in the kitchen making Yo-Yo's and I am about to wrap some gifts. John and Myles have been out to pick up our seafood order and get the gas bottles refilled so I can cook our lunch on the barby tomorrow. They said that the biggest queue they saw was at the local loaded up and queued both ways along the road...go figure...!!

When you get back I will burn you a copy of The Princess have to see it.

Have a happy one...xo

elburro said...

What a warm and inviting looking room. So neat and tidy too...sigh...

wombat064 said...

Hi Guys,
sounds like your having the best of times.

Wishing you the best of Christmasses and a safe trip into 2009.


Karin said...

Sounds good. Very chillin'.

Merry Christmas to you!