Tuesday, December 23

Pumpkin Pie Vs. Christmas Pudding - the show down

just as i have never eaten pumpkin pie before this week ( the accidentally vegan one brought home from 'the store' did nothing for my confidence) most of the family here have never eaten christmas pudding. It was unanimously decided to have a desert showdown on christmas day. Pumpkin Pie vs. Christmas Pudding (definitely with brandy butter). Somehow i think we may all remain in our respective culinary corners. I spent a good part of yesterday searching for mixed peel. In a country where fruit puddings are not the norm, its incredibly difficult to find; most people had never even heard of it. So my search ended with a tub of candied lemon peel and one of citron. Not too bad, quite delicious infact, but much sweeter than we get at home and without the chewyness. *thinking of the aisles full of mince meat and peel at home* sigh. So we have an all organic pudding hanging ready for the day crammed full of peel, almonds, pecans, almonds, cranberries ( in lieu of cherries as i loathe glace cherries), raisins, currants, dates and lots and lots of rum. God, I hope it works.

*camera phone responsible for pics. Cannot upload from our camera until we get home. Its killing me.


Kerrie said...

I've had both and Plum Pud wins every time for me. My brother-in-law is American and he loved & missed Thanksgiving when living here so we used to do it for him. He made the Pumpkin Pie and while I enjoyed it, it somehow had a baby food texture to it for me.

We aren't having pudding this year, am doing a festive trifle instead, but we have one and will really enjoy it after Christmas when we aren't so stuffed full of good food. I use dried cranberries too, they are so much nicer than the cherries.

Hoping you can change some minds, or at least open some eyes...and yes, don't forget the brandy butter, it's a must.

P.S. I just knew you'd understand the Grange travesty Kel... :-(

Veggie Gnome said...

It can only be a winner with these ingredients!

I'm barracking for your chrissie pud! :)

blue milk said...

I wouldn't like either. Desserts involve chocolate for me but curious to see which wins, all the same.

Kel said...

kerrie -yup, pumpkin wasnt meant to be a sweet pie in my book- baby food in a crust! im hoping my hybrid recipe holds up.

Veggie - Thats what i think, quality has to count for something when you dont really follow a recipe. im rootin for th epud too! its hiding in a cold coom waiting for its big appearrance. It really has the rellies uite intrigued, especially the boiling! thye keep checking it doesnt get baked

bluemilk - im not really a fruit pie kinda girl and chocolate is definitely my choice given one...the honour of the pud was thrust upon me! lol we may end up with a mexican standoff wishing id made the tiramisu instead!

Karin said...

Mate, ya gotta have my pumpkin pie. Since one cannot get pumpkin in a can in Australia, (yes it comes in cans in America!) I make from the real deal. Much different. Cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg a must!

I'm planning to make a lemon pie tomorrow actually. Giving it a whirl.

Hope the pudding rocks!