Monday, December 22


i love travel. i love how where ever i am, i find things about that place that inspire me, that make me want to change the way i do things at home or add a new behaviour to my habits. My niece Oona is one such inspiration. She's childless which doesnt help my cause, nor does it lessen my respect and admiration. Shes a girl who loves an anvil if thats any clue...she has just bought a house in Oakland, a run down Victorian which had been abandoned for years and is just about to settle on it. Shes so excited to get started on renovations. She's very artistic and outdoorsy and loves to quilt and cook too and belongs to a group called the Flaming Lotus Girls, a 'bunch a chicks' who make huge metal installations which load with fire, for outdoor festivals. Her role as manager of a local bio-diesel co-op is what's got me all worked up and raring to go. Its such a great idea but i sadly think that the set up for biodiesel is a little better here than at home; more diesel cars here to start with and waste oil is available in bigger quantities. I shall have to investigate. Anyways, just down the road in someones front yard is the co-op tank with a bowser which stores the fuel for use by about 20 local co-op members who all contribute in some way. Oons is filter girl and changes it whenever needed and she co-ordinates memberships and refilling the tank. Its a waay cool idea.

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