Sunday, December 28

time flies

Our time here is nearly over. we have packed in so many parties and outings its difficult to remember all we have done. my SIL asked me yesterday what my favourite memory of this trip was and i struggled , my overwhelming image is of family, family, family which is fantastic as it was our intention to spend as much time with them all as possible. Well, food and family really, living as a group of 8 adults for 3 weeks means the kitchen rarely gets a rest and throw in the gourmand factor and the entire offerings of an organic food store at your disposal and you've got one tasty holiday.

Christmas morning i fell down the back steps on my way back from the compost, well I slid more than fell, and spent Xmas day pretty much entirely on the couch with my swollen, bruised foot inclined on a cush or two. In hindsight, not a bad thing sitting back and watching proceedings preparing for dinner go on around me. I felt like i needed the break, excuse the almost pun. Santa appeared with some pretty cool stuff and its the first time in years I've truly had a surprise with gifts. it was lovely. My favourite gift, besides the handbag my husband gave me made entirely from inner tubes and recycled wool(?!?), was a stocking stuffer from my SIL of cloth food/grain bags ( available from the Sustainable Fairfax shop if you're interested)! how tragic is that!

Yesterday we walked the California coast, North Beach in Point Reyes National Park. This western coastline is one of my favourite spots in the world. We walked the beach below wonderful soaring cliffs, saw elk bulls with huge antlers roaming the hills and seals on the beach. It was special, wintery and windy. Our plans to fulfill a fantasy of mine; ice skating in Union Square tonight has been cancelled due to said ankle and Im rather gutted. damn foot. Times Square next year here i come!

Oh yeah, and if i had a dollar for the amount of times i've heard someone say " guru says"... LOL


Rixa said...

Sounds like a lovely time (except for your foot). I've lived in the midwestern US all my life, with a 4-year stint in the intermountain West when I was an undergraduate student, and still there are places in the US that seem very foreign. It's really not too exciting out here in the land of cornfields and strip malls and cookie-cutter subdivisions. Sigh....

Veggie Gnome said...

Are you saying you are going away next christmas again?! Are you insane?! I shall torture you with pictures of my garden - again. So there.

Family (and food) - that's what christmas is all about anyway. Glad you had a good time.

Ps.: The birds are seriously attacking the few remaining red currants now. Sorry.