Monday, November 24

weekend communal chaos

well, a failed pizza warming went down. the weather turned and the thought of 30 people wandering from outside to in, over the course of a cold, antartic fuelled, windy evening wasnt really turning me on and seemed a bit daunting to tackle for the first big evening do at our place with a small person. So, we cancelled the pizza party and instead invited everyone up to the local pub for a celebration drink. The real tragedy was, everyone ended up coming back to our place anyway and we finished the evening by ordering 10 take away pizzas and the boy slept throught the flamenco dancing on the floorboards and raucous laughter! So , we learnt that bad weather is never an excuse to not have a wood fired pizza party.

Sunday saw us at our mate Lauries place for a showing of his years work from his MA in Fine Art. Same crew from the night before traipsing around the house which he had set up gallery style showing his wooden sculptural and glass pieces, including a great uplit glass and wooden unicorns' alicorn in the bathroom. He gave us crowd the presentation he gave his tutors for his end of year work, which was a discursive and pictorial representation of the theories and influences which shaped all his pieces on show. It was really fascinating and having had 8 months away from abstract thinking i found it really exciting and i was so pleased when B2 told me afterwards that she found his presentation inspirational and was keen to try her hand at some abstract and post modern interpretive work! i was hoping they'd get something from his 'lecture' and certainly this was a wonderful outcome. I've had a lovely friend filled, communal weekend.

* thats my lovely SIL, Berry holding the boybean, who is over from her warm home in Bellingen and staying for the week! And thats Si talking to the artist in blue (and his lovely partner Maggie in profile
on the right).


TheCrone said...

Sounds wonderful Kel!

Kel said...

twas! wish i had more like them!