Tuesday, November 11

and now for something completely different

Si came home today from a 4 day Greenpeace workshop in Sydney bearing these. They're my excess, my failing, my weakness all rolled into one yeasty chewy saccharine calorie bomb (or 6 as the case may be!), he wont touch them. Donuts are something i never eat. i loathe them in principle. They're mass produced, made by machines from life threatening ingredients and they represent high energy, low value, empty and lazy snacking. God i love them. i have very fond memories of a friend in Bangkok who belonged to a Dunkin Donut family; we got donut product for free and i ate my way though what was probably a tonne of sugar dusted chocolate donut holes in my time there. i know i shouldnt, i dont ask for them, but when they arrive, boy am i happy to see them.
Whats your vice?


Veggie Gnome said...


Forget dessert! Forget the sweet stuff!


Cheese of the moment? Nuage Blanc. Yes!

Ps.: Plus berries, nuts, fruit and seeds.

Another Ps.: Hate to tell you, but I came home one night with about 3 gigantic boxes of doughnuts. YUK! I was worried about my chooks and sheep. Had to ration the stuff. Didn't want their teeth to fall out. Geeez...I wish I'd known I could off-load them to an actual living human being. You are top on my list for that. Watch out! :)

wombat064 said...

That it you've burnt up your doughnut ration for the next 6 month.

I know they are yummy and evil.

Kel said...

Yes, i must say cheese would have to be my main vice... dont usually do sweet either. Cheese in the fridge at the moment ..Nuage Blanc! Pretty much do all dairy from BD Farm; meets all my loca criteria!

Veggie Gnome said...

Oh, yes! Nuage Blanc rocks!!
We get all our dairy from BD Farm, too. Local AND bio-dynamic/organic. Brilliant!

Veggie Gnome said...

Hmm...and I should explain about the doughnut boxes. They were free, somebody got all that day's leftovers (which would have been thrown away at closing time) from her work place (a doughnut place, obviously) and brought them along to give away.
Gosh they were vile. I thought I'd eat one to see what they are like. *shudders* I could hear my teeth rotting while I had a bite.

Stewart said...

Good hot potato chips with tomato sauce and gravy.
I'd crawl over broken glass to get to them.

Barbara said...

Cheese. Definitely cheese. A friend
of ours used to manage the Smelly
Cheese Shop at the market - I
LOVED going over to their house
for dinner!

Kel said...

Yes Phil, but whats your vice!

Veggie - no need to explain- why would anyone voluntarily feed their animals such rubbish if it wasnt for the gift of excess from someone with access! LOL Teeth issues are a concern .

Hi Stewart. Welcome! the perfect potato chip is a wonder to be sure.Im not a gravy girl myself, never heard of it until i moved to SA!

Barbara, how magnifico! my kinda friends but did the friendship last the change of job?

Kel said...

oh, veggie, btw. i will willing save your stock from the perils of rotting teeth due to too much donut consumption!

Julie said...

Ergh, I solved any hint of a doughnut addiction very early on by working on weekends at the local Donut King when I was at school. Any leftovers could be taken home (or else went in the bin) and I frequently left with bags full of them. Oh Dear God, the vile taste still haunts me 20 years later...

My vice? Cheese! Closely followed by Darrel Lea Licorice. I don't have a sweet tooth either, but this stuff? Phwoar.

wombat064 said...

Hey Kel My vice ?

PIZZA, lots of cheese, anchovies , olives and chilli.


Barbara said...

It did - luckily she still has,
shall we say, cheese connections!