Thursday, November 6

do i even like pizza that much?

50 hours later... nearly done... *flat on my back at the oesteopath*
my husband informed me last week that a dome is the hardest structure to build. Well, bloody hell, thanks for telling me NOW! Had a cursing kind of day, the weather was hot and very unforgiving, my mortar was going off , brick halves weren't fitting and needed cutting, cutting wasn't working , kept ending up with shards (damn those inferior seconds!) and finally a brick dropped from the dome and landed on my foot. Im now sporting a large purple egg.

my mum has been coming up twice a week to look after the boy so we can both work, me on Thing 2 and Si on the studio and cleaning up the garden for summer before we leave. she's brought the washing in, bathed the boy, cooked dinner, played and talked and replenished me with tea and lemonade. Its funny, over the last 5 years i have been very short with my mother, finding her ways irritating; so vague, flighty self obsessed and uncertain. Not in a narcissistic way, just a bumbling way but i get angry at her apparent incompetence " what is it your thesis is about again?" but today she cried about her lack of relationship with 'her son', my brother and i really felt for her. he can be so nice to her and at other times so cruel. her tears were a catalyst to my empathic senses and reignited my compassion for her, which of late has been lacking. it's a tough gig being a mum and i resolved to cut her some more slack, drop the expectations and try and accept her for who she is, not who i want her to be. i think some more gratitude and some meaningful friendship might be in order.

what colour the render; ochre, sand or something outrageous?

*addendum* in answer to my own question - yes, definitely! the idea of sliding a two ft lamb, coriander and yoghurt pide pizza, or will it be pumpkin, feta, spinach and red onion, out for the first time is giving me co-nip-shuns!


Gavin said...

Green, with dragon scales!

Veggie Gnome said...

Go outrageous!

Fire-engine red! Canary yellow! Both! Something with polka dots! Or psychedelic patterns! Just a few examples.

Looking very good! :) I haven't been brave enough yet to tackle a pizza oven. So I am glad to see you making really great progress. Go, Dr. Kel, go! :)

Julie said...

It's a tough gig being a mum alright, I suspect that no matter how good a job I think I do, I will always fall short somehow *shrug* As for the render I was thinking along the dragon line as well - only royal purple. With red trim ;-)

wombat064 said...

Why not render it in an ochre and stick bits of brightly colored tiles in to form a mosaic.

An why stick to pizza , you can cook anything in that oven.

Kel said...

wow, you guys are out there and creative. i love them all and have taken them on board...stayed tuned for final result! and yes phil, i have big things planned for this oven; bread, drying, roast meats, etc. im really looking forward to using it.

wombat064 said...

As long as you don't try stuff this wombat in it and light a fire under me.