Tuesday, November 11

he was only 19

to my Dad ...

Im so sorry we sent you away to fight a war that wasn't ours, to face the worst of human kind.

Im so sorry we sent you away to forge the man out of a boy, in a place so foreign you lost your mind.

Im so sorry we sent you away to look at fear right in the face and to meet your end in a lonely place.

Im so sorry we never had a chance to know each other, my sister, myself and our brother.

Despite the void and with memories few, my heart and soul cries. i miss you.

Lest We Forget
Pvt. Stanley Lawrence Jones
1st Batallion, Royal Australian Regiment


elburro said...

holy moley

wombat064 said...

Hear Hear,
Lest we forget !

Lest we forget all Persons of our Defense Forces that made the ultimate sacrifice or were injured not only in times war but also in times of maintaining peace.

Julie said...

Wow. I've been spending much of today reflecting on my Pop's mates who didn't come home from Kokoda, on my Dad's mates who didn't come home with him from Vietnam, and on how blessed I am that they did. Now I feel doubly blessed. {{{Hugs}}} mate, what a rough day.