Wednesday, November 19

a great 24!

its been a great 24 hours. 2 blogger awards kicked it off. Thanks so much Phil from Camp Quality Country Mile Tour and Gav from The Greening of Gavin for the grand thumbs up for this here wee little blog. Its very nice to be appreciated in this somewhat intimidating and big wide bloggy world, so thank you. I have to do something with them huh?? Yikes! id have to handball them right back! Let me get back to it.

The first firing of the pizza oven was not so much spectacular but fun and exciting in that innaugural home made way. We cracked a bottle of home made red and sat back and enjoyed the unfolding spectacle of the oven.

. The flue works brilliantly; its got a great draw and was puffing away ever so sweetly. *High five myself here* No cracking in the mortar to speak of yet.

While outside enjoying the fire we were honoured with the presence of this cheeky guy making his way up one of the garden gums letting all the girls know his whereabouts with that ever so guttural and quite frightening male koala mating call. Its so special to see them like this and its a bit of a surprise as we are close to town and not in what you would consider a rural setting. its a crappy shot taken at over 50 m, but its proof!

B1 headed off for her first transition day at the Australian Maths and Science School and i attended her first assembly which was inspiring and so full of talk of the love of learning, the importance of self motivation and the community they the kids and the parents make, that i felt like standing up and cheering. i wish everone could attend school like this. Its so inspirational and i feel really lucky that we have a chance to experience it.

Finally, after leaving B1 to enjoy a full day at her new school, i managed to haul myself off to the shops for what i had anticipated would be a painful search for something 'businessy' to wear to Fridays awards night. Its hard post partum and when you're lactating to feel excited about badly lit changerooms and clothes made for women who dont exist, but surprisingly it wasn't painful at all. just expensive! I had myself a bean free, clothes-horse, 'Pretty Woman' hour (minus the sugar daddy!) in a shop with a great sales assistant which is exactly what i needed, someone who was really into their job and doing it well. Thank you girl in Cue. I came out feeling great which rarely happens. Probably had something to do with the fact that i decided not to look at price tags and just cop it at the checkout, meaning i got what i actually liked! Cinders can now go to the ball!


Laura Jane said...

COngratulations on th first firing - such a picturesque fire and chimney too.

Aren't active koalas fascinating? I have rarely seen them like that and I too am impressed.

(ooh, the veri word is 'outbare')

elburro said...

yay on the oven yay on the great school, yay on knowing that your daughters are in great places every day, yay on the blogger validations, yay on finding an outfit you feel great in. you're on a roll!