Tuesday, November 4

in my inbox this morning

12 invoices for ebay auction wins.

It appears my husband has my ebay account details and has been up late at night ordering wine. Thats ummm, 144 bottles! A steal he tells me.
"Mclaren Vale cleanskins and export pallet ends. Bargain"
The cellar is apparently looking too empty for his liking and he feels the need to replenish before Christmas. Were not even going to be here for Christmas. Not alot of winemaking has been going on at Chez Pan in the last 12 months, what with the boybean and the studio in progress, so the cellar stock has been checking out with nothing going in. We're on the lookout for some shiraz grapes for a pressing and, no doubt if the beetroot continues its healthy growth, we'll have some home grown beetroot wine up and running in the new year, but I paid the bill. He owes me in shoes!


Barbara said...

Is feijoa wine really that bad
(we have a very prolific tree)?

wombat064 said...

Mclaren Vale is not that bad..and lets face it it could have been brand x from dodgey brothers.

or even worse some imported muck.

Drink, dance and be merry


Kel said...

Barbara. Hi! Umm, well i hate, loathe, feijoa so yes, feijoa wine to me is definitely THAT bad! But, if you like feijoa then it could be very delicious Im sure. I have a recipe if you want one. Let me know.

Phil, at least i know with Si that he would NEVER buy foreign wine unless in a foreign country. Merry we will be no doubt. hopefully by the time you pedal past we'll have something you like!

Kerrie said...

Goodness Kel...John does almost the same thing. He's a keen online shopper and often buys wine. Has Simon ever tried Grays Online for wine..?? It's excellent.

I posted once about John purchasing a pool table online without my knowledge...he bought it one weekend, I was unwell and in bed and he neglected to mention it. Two days later it turns up on the front steps...!!! I was gobsmacked to say the least. He laughed loudly when I phoned to let him know it had arrived.

Barbara said...

Pass on the recipe, I think - I'll
take your word for the badness
of the wine! The feijoas are a
problem every year - we can never
get through them. I don't eat jam
but may I'll get off my ass and
make chutney this year.

wombat064 said...

I have to go to the Claire valley.
Mintaro , Rieleys Cottage opposite the pub for a couple of bottles of Blue Tongue Port.

As for something I like ...is it wet ?..does it contain alcohol ?

as long as its not tequilla , all is good.