Friday, November 28

Op Shopping

I dont know if its due to current circumstances or being reinspired by fellow bloggers' finds, but Ive been out trawling the second hand shops 3 days in a row, sometimes with the whole clan and sometimes alone. We've been bringing in the loot i have to say; never worn patent red flats for B1 ( shes got size 10 feet and is hard to buy for) and vintage Nina Ricci sunnies; B1s find of the century (she is a VERY pleased bunny) mint condition Custo tank top for my SIL (damn! she got to that rack before me!) baby tupperware (sad and suburban but great for travel) and more. Its been cheap, philanthropic and public service therapy and good practice of the 3 R's (she says hopefully, nothing like ignoring a problem to make it go a way). I was flicking through some really great scarves in one shop today wondering if i would wear some of the funky retro silk ones but feeling unadventurous i came home emptyhanded. Reading Vegan Yum Yum this afternoon, and her cross post on Etsy featured buyers, I found inspiration for using some of these great scarves! Reusable silk sacks for bulk purchases. weightless, washable, strong, durable and tieable and puts an end to my plastic bag reusing , washing, and waiting for them to bust! So, im going to keep my eyes peeled for silk scarves on our travel, and when we return im gonna run myself up some recycled silk scarf bulkfood sacks.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking pieces of fabric for wrapping pressies this year, so I will be trawling my local oppies for scarves too.

Or teatowels. My Mum's last birthday present was wrapped in a Judy Horacek teatowel. I love when part of the present is the wrapping.

Kel said...

me too. thinking about your op shopping in Adelaide today and thought i should say try Port Rd. Gret op shops and a great 2nd hand clothes shop called 'get funked'

Rixa said...

Ooh, what a great use for silk scarves. I buy almost all our clothes secondhand (as much as I can in a small town with limited selection in thrift shops--it generally translates into not buying much for me at all) and will have to keep an eye out for unusual uses for what I see. I do wish we had better thrift shops; when you're in a small town and in a relatively poor--well, predominantly working-class--area of the country, the clothes tend to be very worn and very ugly by time they make it to thrift shops.