Sunday, November 2

Birthday bloom

It appears to be a day of birthdays... we're back from an afternoon BBQ at a favourite park for my friend Bruces' 55th birthday "happy birthday you fabulous, wonderful, loving, best friend you'. We have been doing the park for his birthday for years now and its a favourite tradition with the girls but an innaugural event for the boybean. I took my camera, i even changed the batteries before we left. I changed to some more batteries with no power. i hate that; organized, yet not. We loaded up what now appears to be a tanker: Pram, blankets, granny trolley full of food, nappy bag, esky, chairs, rugs. Good thing the BBQs are supplied. I refused to take utensils; someone's always bound to have some. I know thats very passive aggressive of me (i found that out during years of marital therapy) i thought i was just pragmatic, but apparently not. It's an effort, no wonder we dont go out more often. Im worn out, it's that feeling quite sick kind of worn out. Party's here next time. Well, actually...yeah it is! Nov 22. 'Fire Up the Pizza Oven Party' coz Aunty Berry's coming to town!
Everyones drifted off into their respective post party emotional spaces and B2s sitting in a small azalea and stone japanese garden just outside my study window plucking leaves and petals and tipping them on her head. with her mussed auburn top knot and shoulders just showing, she's reminding me somewhat of an orangutan in a mountain forest, should i be worried?

[She clumsily seguaes into flowers]... this spray of flowers has unfolded in the garden. its new. it blew in from somewhere. its the most beautiful 'set' of flowers i think ive seen, as its a very unusual shade. Happy Bloomin' Birthday to all you Scorpios.

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What beautiful pictures...

Happy Birthday to all the Birthday...!!

elburro said...

Thanks from this Scorpio!