Saturday, November 8

eat pray love

apparently its a no 1 best seller and everyone is talking about it - well,anyway that's what the jacket said. Im so yesterday. I love this style of writing; self deprecating, laconic, colloquial, ironic, and funny, very very funny. Its such an honest, naked piece of writing filled for me with moments of extreme identification as the writer takes us with her on her journey of clambering her way out of a messy and hard divorce through a process of self discovery of various means. She eats her way through Italy to find self acceptance, prays her way forward to self realisation in India and finds love in her consolidation journey in Indonesia. Dog eared pages fill my book where i have marked inspiring passages but there's just a few too many. Im going to have to read it again. Its one of those books where i nod my way through amidst the laughter. Not many books have me laughing out aloud but this ones irresistable, effortlessy swinging from the spiritual to the front bar. Not having any divorced friends, i found the book an affirming companion.
what i had waited for for so long was to have an actual conversation with my ex-husband, but this was obviously never going to happen What i had been craving was a resoloution, a peace summit, from which we could emerge with a united understanding of what had occourred in our marriage and a mutual forgiveness for the ugliness of our divorce. This obviously wasn't going to happen. How do survivors of terminated relationships ever endure the pain of unfinished finish the business yourself. Its not only posible, its essential.

i swung that phantom limb of divorce around quite a bit after the amputation. It took a while to feel whole again.


Kerrie said...

Was considering buying this book to take to hospital with me next week. Might just have to now you have recommended it.

Thanks Kel...

Laura Jane said...

I too LOVED this book (about 6 months ag, I thought I was the last to read it).

I was nodding, laughing, misting up, gasping in recognition, judging, and forgiving in turn and I just devoured it.

It was a deliberate time of self-indulgence and time to get to know herself that would do many women i know a LOT of good.

Very entertaining, I am curious to know what happened next in her life.

(Oh - talk about serendipity - the verification word is ROFFL)