Monday, August 17

yeah baby!

The bean has started giving kisses. On cue. Sweet! Its what every parent looks forward too; some reciprosity of affection. Its taken awhile.
His pucker action has expressed itself in the Kath-Kel Day-Night style. He walks forward, positions himself face on, looks me in the eye, opens his litle wet lipped moosh wide, moves his head forward and plants his wide open mouth over my puckered one. A small outbreath sometimes with a sound "uueeeh", no moving of the lips, and then its removed just as it was offerred. Its the sweetest, softest most innocent little act Ive experienced in a long while. He registers nothing in it but the fact that we all smile and I go 'mwwaaah'. It makes my heart do the flippy flop. I have to confess to asking for more than my fair share of these delectable, exquisite Beany offerings.


Annuska said...

so cute! He is adorable- would have liked to see one of those beautiful kisses!

Katrine said...

oh my, that's lovely!
how could you not ask for more kisses like that?!?

Zoe said...

I've just started getting the "I lub jew"s

which is awfully melty, too.

Laura Jane said...

Oh!, Be still my heart!

Its sooo easy to get greedy with those little kisses!

Kel said...

annuska- whoops, oversight!

katrine- ohh yes, B1 and B2 are quite partial as well...

zoe- ' ahh, the 'i lub jews! they are beautiful..cant wait for them.

laura jane - greedy greedy guts, thats me!