Thursday, August 27

a collision of reality and desire

This work gig really gets in the way doesnt it? Im trying to write a journal paper and Im having a hard time focussing on the discrepancies in the delivery of oral health care in residential aged care facilities, why is that? Im struggling to focus and it has to be ready in draft form by next Monday. Shit shit shit. Its not really my field of expertise, so Im having to do loads of speed reading in order to retrospectively learn about aged care and oral health in Australia in order to generate a decent introduction and discussion around my data! I was just the consultant who did the focus groups!!! What do I know? Aggghhh

But all i can think about is whats been bottled and in the pantry, what lovelies are in the cellar, whats on the trees and whats in the garden that I can pull together to make something for this weekends blogger feast. Im in the mood for bakin'!

What have i got stored? what's ready out there? ...

red currants

all from our garden or from friends. Magic.

hmmm, listed like that Im forming an idea.. definitely pastry involved dont you think?


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

definitely pastry, a tart or somesuch,that's a great list of prospective ingredients, drooling in anticipation.

Annuska said...


Laura Jane said...

It would be a crime not to involve pastry in the resolution of this culinary dispute.

I rest my case

Rixa said...

I too should be writing an article (one on perceptions of home birth in the US for the Expert Review of Ob & Gyn) but I've been busy with kids, making slings, and just life. Agggghhhh, I really just need to get started and then it will go quickly from there.

Jen said...

I dont understand why your department is asking you to do this when you are closing in on completing your PhD. Surely they should leave you alone, not divert your energies and in every other way help you to get it DONE

Kel said...

pip- definitely pastry! maybe two!
Im drooling already as well...

annuska - chestnuts! yes. some from friends , some foraged from a secret spot!

laura jane - case rested.

rixa- ok, using that as a motivational talk - keep going kel!

jen- lol- YEAH! umm, they have paid me on full salary 2 years beyond my scholarship to complete..figured i do owe them some actual work program completion. I manage a few pages a week, but i could work at home on my 4 days off! gasp.

Katy said...

sorry I'm probably having a vague moment - what are you studying?

I vote for tartlets x

Veggie Gnome said...

I vote you quit your job as soon as possible and concentrate on being a smallholder and seller of eco bags!

Ingredients sound fantastic! Whatever you make - it'll be a hit. :)

Katrine said...

oh my! that's one tasty sounding pantry. i think i can hear my tummy rumbling... :)

Kel said...

katy- im finishing my PhD in epidemiology. tarts are in the plan!

veggie- im working on it! have to sail the world first but i can catch fish and pot crustaceans out there! got some plans man...

katrine-see you tomorrow! bring your rumblin tummy and a basket for take home!

naturewitch said...

Hey Kel

I soooo understand what you are saying. I continue to juggle work and study, too, when most of me really just wants to be pottering about in the backyard or the kitchen.

Just keep reminding yourself of what having the job enables you to do. Oh, and work on an exit strategy??? xx