Saturday, August 15

taking on the Golden Arches

Hows this for a franchise concept? putting other issues of farming commercial beef aside, its presence is a challenge to the norm at least. I love it when i come across websites and information like this. I feel supported, connected and feel that people out there are thinking, doing stuff, taking 'it' on. I think that's one of the reasons i love to blog, that on the off chance, it will make a difference somewhere, that someone will think about a lifestyle choice they may not have ever challenged and to learn from others myself; to challenge my status quo, my normal, to shift my boundaries of what I percieve is is possible. Small changes can change the world but big changes are better!

Building a business based on an 'organic or bio-dynamic' principle carries so much more moral responsibility than a regular business who does not have a 'principle' at stake. Invariably, businesses that base their trade on an organic product are under a higher code of socail obligation to do and provide everything else 'organically', sustainably. This pressure is enourmous, to get every other facet of your business right so as to not fall over on the moral code you are proposing to make a living peddling. If only we held 'regular' business under such scrutiny. It is however, the blight of the socially aware, that you cant just do a half assed job. If youre gonna promote organic and sustainable then you have to go the whole hog or provide a bloody good reason why not. I need to remember that sourcing 100% of your business resources from sustainable and organic sources is a huge job, and cut them slack. 60-70% is a bloody good start.


Anonymous said...

It is a very very good start!

Katrine said...

it seems like you're coping with the added moral responsibility really well. :) the communications company looks fantastic!

Kel said...

nfft- yes!!!

katrine-thanks, i wasnt really referring to myself however! yeah , theyr good , expensive but good and loads of contacts