Saturday, August 22

these are a few of my favourite things...

Im not really that into stuff, i dont have collections of things really, except books, and things get pretty dusty around here so i dont like to add to it, but here are a few of my favourite things that i enjoy, besides people and place.

These Martin Boyd ramekin dishes from my childhood. I dont remember using them very often as a kid but when we did it was always for the same dish; baked eggs with breadcrumb. B2 uses these to make wholemeal chocolate puddings; her signature dish to date! i love sitting down with one of these and a tiny spoon.

A Buddhist amulet from a Thai boyfriend 20 years ago. He gave it to me with a declaration that if i didnt return to marry him, he would become a monk. He is now living on London with his dentist wife! I wear it often.

Years old birkenstocks that will most likely not last another summer. I live in these when the weather is good. Can they manage a fourth resole?

A teapot that i bought in Nimbin with some of my first ever pay as a working person. I just loved how weird and organic it was, i still do. The trip to Nimbin was weird too, me and a colleague who had just had breast reduction surgery...lots of rocky unsealed roads the poor girl. It came with a set of four odd cups which are still intct but Im no so enamoured with them as I am pretty picky about a tea cups...i like a fine lip! who woulda thought?

Another bit of kitchenware from my childhood; a Marianne Westmann salt pot for rock salt or salt flakes. I love using it coz you can dig your whole hand in.

A set of reclaimed Huon pine salad hands - technically not mine as a I gave them to the Bloke a a gift...before these we had both lived without any salad utensils for ever. Great ergonomics, like prosthetics!

A set of Avery scales which weigh our favourite things.; rice for risotto, flour for pasta. Its a pleasure to use and is so sturdy.

A sugar caster! I love this as its just so useless, well for me anyway. It was a wedding gift from my ex-mother in law, along with a few other really useless sterling gifts which aren't my favourite, like a silver muffin dish with warmer!

A handmade pair of Chez Guevera earings that I bought from a great little shop on Brunswick St in Melbourne. They're my no.1

There's quite a few food related items in this list. Must do another someday without the food focus. I couldnt help it, really. Actually in reflection its all pretty utilitarian stuff. None of these things I would run into a burning ouse to save, but they make my daily life somewhat special.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Funny, quite a few of my favourite things are also food related and I've had them for ages as well. Love my birkenstocks as well, I wear them everywhere, mine are in better nick than yours however (probably not quite as old)

Jacqui said...

Hmm, I'm coveting your Martin Boyd ramekins - lovely. But I have a thing for ceramics so that's not surprising. I really enjoyed reading this post - it got me thinking about my favourite things. There is nothing quite like the joy of using an object that you really love - a teapot, a piece of jewellery - it's the connection to the handmade for me.

Today I finally threw out a pair of old Blundstone boots that I've worn to death. I had them for so many years that they now cost more than double what I paid for my old faithfuls. I felt all nostalgic seeing them off. Like old friends.

greenfumb said...

Your "things" got me thinking too. I have an italian coffee set that my parents got as a wedding present, I loved it as a kid but we never used it. My mum gave it to me a couple of years ago and I never use it either but it is so beautiful, as fine as egg shells.

BTW I made your wheatie biscuits today - what a big hit they were - thanks :-)

Kel said...

pip- not funny! lol. i totally understand, i was a bit embarrassed when i realised ...birkies are now just as expensive to re-sole as buy new. sucks.

jacqui- i really enjoyed thinkin about what to include-it was an interesting exercise. glad you like it. yes, parting with a pair of old workboots is sad- when my dog ate my half of my fave rossi boots i was REALLY mad. boot

reenfumb- yay the biscuits..reminds me..! family coffee set! how wonderful thngs like that a bit of a sook for old family stuff..must be age!

Katrine said...

so much prettyness and so many lovely stories to go along with them. this was a lovely post to read with my morning cup of tea :)
i'm a sook for old family stuff too. especially the old family stuff that’s been passed down through generations. there's something special about holding an object a deceased relation, i've never met, held that I don’t get from photographs. I feel much more connected to their histories through the objects they used and admired than through images of them.

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