Tuesday, August 11

living on the edge

You remember i was cleaning my study? well that small move started a movement; the girls decided to switch rooms and we havent yet recovered. the amount of stuff... the amount of stuff they decide they dont want anymore when they have to shift it...now its all in my study. the house is a pit. a dump. im wantiing to move out. Tried 'spring' cleaning in winter with a kid? Production drops and you dont get paid, well much. Should be fixing this mess while the bean sleeps, not blogging about it. Whats happenned to me?Bloke up in studio finishing the floor so cant get him to help. He's officially being Class A productive...and Im blogging and have taken pics and uploaded them. Cant face the music just yet despite having two espressos. The hallway is somewhat tidy, might hangout there, where there's only two bags of stuff visible!
What you cant see in the pics are the muddy floors, the kids toy/play pad with extra socks, tops, creams, books and the fires' crumbs, the food mashed into coir, and the mess in the pantry where the bean discovered the bulk bin of muesli.
On a brighter note the garden is forthcoming. Loads of King Edwards unearthed with every dinner haul and the bowl and contents looks clean and oranised!

This is last nights stash from one plant minus a few biggies i put in the curry! Me loves potatoes! OK, Im off!


Barbara said...

Looks pretty neat to me compared
to when we were just beginning the (still not quite finished -
dont't hire Molnar Constuction!)
bathroom project - the dining
room was full of everything
that had been in the bathroom
and the spare room had been
turned into a builder's
warehouse. I threatened to go
stay in a motel for the duration!

Katy said...

I know what you mean - it's all a little harder to tidy up and move stuff with my little 'helper' too! In a way I'm kinda grateful when I have a restless night ( I don't sleep brilliantly) as it's a lot easier for me to get stuff done around the house!

Karin said...

Well, beautiful homes can tolerate a little untidiness. I'd love a stairway like that!

Your potatoes are making me envious!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home! It looks fabulous!

Laura Jane said...

I don't have a little helper, and I have 10x that amount of Stuff to shift, sort, ditch, re-house.

Oh. God.

(slinks off, feeling overwhelmed)

Your house looks ace - even if it is on the surface

greenfumb said...

I think it looks lovely and warm and homely. And way tidier than my house, except for the two minutes after I have cleaned it.

kale for sale said...

One of my favorite things is to rearrange the house but it's always this last step, the extra pieces that don't find a home in the new arrangement that are the most challenging. I seem to always have a bag of give aways in the pantry or the trunk of my car. Completely worth the joy of a freshly put together room. Quite like a bowl of newly dug potatoes in fact.

Kel said...

barbara- its all relative isnt it, but if you zoom in on the first pic you can see a squashed sultana on the floor, it belnds quite well coz its the same colour as the floorboard, noticed it about an hour after i took the pic! I think its still there! nah..bean would have discovered it..ewww!

katy-little helpers are not! lol yes, im looking forward to four days with only 1 kid@ home..might get some productivity in, then again i may decide that its an opportunity to relax!

karin- its a gothic/japanese/austrian belnd! a bit schizo like this blog!...i have to say i grow a good stack of potatoes! its the black compost Im sure.

NFFT- thanks. Its a homely home.

LauraJane- feeling stressed for you! hehe.

greenfumb- it really did look messier in real life than the pics! truly! what i really needed was some revolving video.

kale- yes, i agree, except they were not my rooms to be joyous about, i just got handed all the no-longer-loved bits! how fair is that!? Great for them tho'.