Friday, August 28

Haiku Friday

some like it, some don't.
visits plummet, stats decline.
Meh! It's my party...


Laura Jane said...

Mm, tha plummeting stats thing

I'm sure mine have dropped since I stopped writing so much about work after being scared off by a cyber-legal-invasion of privacy talk late last year.

This is a small place.... although I was at a talk this week and a woman came up to me and identified herself as a reader. I blushed!

I haven't looked at my stats for a while, they were dropping last I noticed...but like you, Meh

I'm SO EXCITED that we will be meeting in a few weeks. Thank you so much for the offer of a pickup and a bed!

Kel said...

laura jane - hehe, my stats are actually fine, (im a proxy professional statistician, ah love mah stats) its just Haiku Friday thats the 'problem'! lol but i do it coz i really like the forced simplicity. Im pleased youre so thrilled, its pretty thrilling, and oh so 21st century! and the offer of a pick up and a bed sounds a tad suspicious! hehe. Im sure we will have a hoot of a time.

Katrine said...

i was confused by the stat comment too, especially given the number of peoples who pop over to my blog after looking at yours :)
i enjoy your haiku firdays,i especially like it when there's a fun link sliped in though.

Mia 'agoodhuman' said...

I love haiku Friday. It takes a special skill to condense a message into so few words.

Kel said...

katrine - hey nice that your getting drop bys! i love love doing the links. its so mysterious, never know what youll find! i found kale for sale with her haiku friday as i saw her on someones blogroll and saw it and thought Comradde! went to have a look and never looked back

Mia- nice to know, thanks. they have been part of my life since i was a teen. i love them.

blue milk said...

I like them too.