Saturday, August 29

Im with Michael Moore

Im getting a bit worked up over all the US media reporting on the Obama administration plans to propose some univeral health care in the US and the amount of rhetoric thats getting bandied around. The fearmongering and misinformation thats being poured on the population is incredible (but predictable). Living in a country where universal health care has been a part of the health care landscape for forty years or so I just cannot imagine life without such a fundamentally civilised approach to population health. Well that might be the problem, the 'population' bit. The US has such a fiercely individulaistic approach to life that collective insurance hits a nerve. The old red herring of the red peril, 'the Socialist road' predictably gets given a work out. Like its a BAD thing. "Oh no, lets not look after each other in times of great stress and need, thats too SOCIALIST." Coming from the land of the religious zealots, i find that a bit rich! Surely universal health care beautifully embodies the Christian tenets? The US stands alone in the industrialised world as not offering its citizens access to good quality health care as a fundamental right. Doenst that ever give them pause for thought? Why is everyone else doing it and were not?

Doesnt the fact that they have one of the most expensive health systems and yet 40 million remain outside that system, ever make them think that theyre not doing this health thing very well, very effectively? That their life expectancy and infant mortality rates really suck compared to other 'comparable' nations? (heck, even uncomparable ones like costa rica). The whole 'its too expensive, we cant afoord it' argument gets wheeled out along with the substndard medical care argument. All the research shows the US spends way more per capita for poorer outcomes.How is that a measure of 'better'? I look with interest to see if the people start to march in the streets demanding what Australia, England, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore all enjoy. Last time I looked, all pretty capitalist societies - no Reds hiding anywhere near power there. I can dream cant I? Sadly, I think I know where this attempt will end, triumph once again for the rich and powerful industry lobbyits keeping the stockholders happy. Ahh Capitalism, humane isnt it?


Mia (agoodhuman) said...

Tell me about it. As an Aussie living in the US and watching all the bickering I have to shake my head and stop watching. The scaremongering is absolutely ridiculous and frustrates me no end. You've hit on an excellent point about the religious aspects though. There seems to be a huge disparity between what their religions are espousing and what the people will accept as basic human rights (universal healthcare being one of them). It's just a little bit crazy if you ask me.

naturewitch said...

Yeah, well, money talks, doesn't it?

The US health system, Monsanto, etc, etc - it's all part of the one thing. A few people remaining wealthy at the expense of the vast majority.

Personally, I'm more than happy to pay my Medicare levy. And I'd rather be RED than DEAD (soul-wise, that is). xx

Kel said...

mia- yes, its very confusing to me how a god fearing people can be so blindsided by the individual argument. It smy first amendment right...i cannot imagine living with the stress of an expensive user pays medical system which is linked to employment.

naturewitch-yup, sure does. me too red than dead anyday! havent heard that xpression for a looong time!

Paola said...

Hello Kel, I've just found your blog and your post about the US health care system is one that's been exercising my mind for a while. I don't get what they don't get. Recently I read a book called the "Undercover Economist" (writer's name escapes me). In it, it says that Americans spend more on health care than anyone else BY FAR, but it is not spent efficiently because so much goes on administering the system. Meanwhile, insurance companies decide what health care people will receive. The Undercover Economist then goes on to suggest a system of health care that would address the ills of the US system, and our own. It's worth a read. Meanwhile I'll take a look around your blog!

Kel said...

paola - welcome to my blog. its a minset for sure and a lot of scaremongering. yes, the govenment or the company..its a no brainer really!

Lulu said...

Here here Kel!