Sunday, August 2

oh no, pesto!

Its that time of the year again when the rocket is shooting away and I start looking at it like its a green manure crop and not something to be ingested. For me, feeling guilty at letting it all go to waste is a great motivator, so i put in the hours required to cut, trim and wash the rocket and the usual real killer of my best laid plans, shelling all the walnuts required for the pesto. All up i managed to use about a twentieth of the rocket and about a tenth of our walnut stash from last seasons crop,
a head of our garlic and a chunk of local parmesan and olive oil. viola. pesto! or as B1 said 'looks like something out of Harry Potter' i tend to agree.
But its so fresh and fragrant and flavoursome, the three F's! that it will definitely get devoured in a myriad of ways.

On an aside, the kid is thriving but i had forgotten just how enthusiastic about helping one year olds can be. Murphys Law about kids helping; when theyre old enough to do a good job they no longer want to do it. Everytime i get out the broom and start to sweep the floor, he rushes off to the laundry to grab the dustpan and brush, whizzes back and redistributes the pile I've made in a blustering effort to complete the task. Life is definitely taking more than twice as long these days...


Annuska said...

Your pesto sounds delicious!
Give the little one a hug- he is so gorgeous!

Katy said...

How inspiring! I seem to have a massive supply of rocket and I think I will stop telling myslef it needs to grow a bit more and get organised and make some pesto! Yes - I have a 2.5 year old and it is amazing how much longer things take with a 'helper' - definately makes life more interesting!

(Thank you for your comment on my blog & for being my first follower!)

Kel said...

annuska-it is and i will. thanks.

katy-welcome and pesto is a great way to use up rocket. gnocci is too in lieu of spinach, look forward to you journey in blogland unfolding.