Wednesday, June 24

redefining rubbish

I have taken to radicalising 'the rubbish'*, Im no longer content to define it as that. Its way too a benign term for something so pugnacious dont you think?
I now refer to it as Landfill, "no its not recyclable, its landfill". It kinda lends a longer term and moral perspective to that casual toss, without sounding too prescriptive or judgemental. It just IS. Landfill that is. Makes ya think.

*the trash


Anonymous said...

My Mum's bin (supplied by the council) for the non-recyclable and non-green waste is labelled "Landfill". I think it's a good move.

elburro said...

yeah. too bad we aren't all directly responsible for disposing of our "rubbish". having to figure out how to get rid of it might help some people make the connection.

Kel said...

ICG- wher ethe hell is ya mum? thats pretty advanced. Good move indeed.

elburro- yeah, or else do as in germany, companies that make the trash are responsible for it! you can take your rubbish back to where you purchased it and they HAVE to take it