Saturday, June 6

poo bar [and another diva cup] update

Well, I really wasnt happy with using the Lush poo bar. It was a great introduction to removing the plastic bottle backlog that was our shower experience and getting us all in the habit of using a poo without the squirty factor. But, despite it being package free, it still had the water unfriendly phosphates, sulfates and chemical surfactants and it was drying out the locks a little. Changing to a poo bar was so much less painful than I thought it would be. I really had imagined B1; the very teen, really going to hyperbole town on the awfulness of not using her favourite hair product. But, not so. She's even told me a regular soap does a pretty good job! who woulda thunk it? ( it is olive oil soap but its the principle thats counting here) So, months later we're still happily using a bar, but have switched to a Sugar Shack olive oil, locally made bar in recycled cardboard. I could make my own i know, and i do get inspired to do these things, but time...

*warning* diva cup details about to follow.

I have been using the Diva Cup now since my period returned after the bean was born; so six months or so. I had a few issues along the way that nearly made me stop using it, but i persevered and all problems seems to have resolved. I was getting rather 'internally achy' and i think i just needed to find a better 'fit' or else it was just 'that' month, coz i havent had that weird ache since. It really was quite uncomfortable in there! The issue some people have had with the tiny holes in the side being difficult to clean, i resolved easily by holding each 'hole' under running water while similtaneously squeesing either side to open the hole. No need to use a needle to clean it; it just rinses right out very easily this way. The most challenging issues around using the diva cup is when your only have access to work or public toilets. i usually avoid it if possible due to a) the bloody (no pun intended) noise *schlerrrrrrrrrrrrrrp POP* ...could be my technique; too much speed? will have to work on that as its most socially disconcerting and b) rinsing. I usually just tip, wipe it and keep on going!
Haven't died yet..


Veggie Gnome said...

Loved the Sugar Shack Soap Shop when we were in Clare!!! Great soaps with a wide variety of scents or fragrance-free.

Any good soap will wash your hair wonderfully. I must get my act together and make a little hair tonic as a rinse afterwards. Nothing spectacular - just good vinegar, herbs, spices - depending on hair type and colour.

So, if you are going on a trip to Tarlee (Four Leaf Mill) continue on to Clare to the Sugar Shack. Well worth the trip. :)

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

No, it's not your technique it makes the same sound when I do/did it as well. I either tip, wipe and pop it back in, or sometimes, I have a bottle of water and just give it a quick rinse, depends where I was. Still alive here too.

Jo said...

it's been a while since i used mine :) but i remember i had to reach a little further up to the top to 'break the seal' before i pulled it out, stopped the noise... also the quick tip, wipe and go again hasn't knocked me off yet (although i do rinse if that option is available)

Sarah said...

Um I have been thinking about buying a cup for a while but just cannot get myself to do it. Was pleased to read your personal thoughts on it... Still not sure if I can swap it for my organic cotton tampons... Have enjoyed being menstral free for nine months!

Kel said...

veggie- one day i will get up there! when it comes to 'beauty' witht he kids its a slowly slowly approach required!

Pip- glad to hear its not just me! and that we are all surviving!

Jo - ditto and well done on the new babe! I had a great laugh reading these comments. Thanks

Sarah- give it a go! They are quite liberating! you wont look back i promise ( especially if you can work out the fit).

elburro said...

Hiya Kel...thanks for the diva cup encouragement...I've been thinking about giving it a try, but the public bathroom issue was a bit vexing...hadn't thought of not rinsing it...tip and wipe sounds like the way to go.

Morgan said...

Hi Kel,
Morgan here from Just wanted to thank you for being brave and sharing your DivaCup experience with your readers. Just to let those of you who are contemplating purchasing a DivaCup; we're having a sale over at! DivaCups are 25% off for the month of June, so it's an excellent time to make the switch.
I also wanted to second Jo's comment about reaching in further to break the seal before removing the cup. Just push one of the sides of the cup in, it should help a bit with that suction sound you've been experiencing.

Kel said...

Hey elburro, glad you found something useful here! heres your chance, morgans got some for sale! lol