Tuesday, June 16

chicken lady

Over the last few weeks Ive spent a bit of time thinking about Simons pre-selection for the Greens and his 'green' credentials. As a political scientist by my original training, I have always harboured my own secret political ambitions but was always held back by a belief that I never owned the required traits to be successful due to lack of flair with spin-doctoring and thinking on the hop. Im not an actor at heart and need approval too much to put myself in the firing line.

On the other hand, Simon is a born politician, I do believe he has found his calling. He's an actor at heart, loves an audience and has an incredible green network and an amazing history of green activism and volunteering. When we met we realised that we actually had a previous and unrecognised-at-the-time encounter with each other that was auspicious, significant, meaningful and green. I was the mum of two caught on camera outside my local stupor-market, signing the Greenpeace petition to ban GE feed stock in Australias biggest chicken processing company and he was the larger than life chicken pawing the ground and pecking around me in a very broody manner. I recalled thinking that this guy had the 'chicken thing'; the scratching, the tilt of the head, the feather fluffing, down pat...this guy was goood.

A Green beginning and Green love in action! Pretty sexy huh?

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