Thursday, June 11

the kid is broke

not broken, just flat broke, well according her her anyway and in desperate need of more cash. Her pocket money is just not meeting her needs. Apparently.

I came home last night to find B2 sitting in front of the computer with her head resting in her hands and as i walked through the door her body shuddered with a deep and guttural moan (yes, she is the only one in the family that belongs to a theatrical ensemble).

My eyes roll in my proverbial head. 'Oh crap' I hate arriving home to uberkidwoeismedrama and being asked to be judge and jury...ugh. I steele myself.

She looks up as i walk in, head rolling, "I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a job"

Phew! no adjudicating step/parent role to negotiate, just some regular advice. We chat and brainstorm ideas about possible jobs for 11 year olds. We ponder the concepts around responsibility, school, insurance, reliability, wages and realistic expectations and interests.

She is excited, enthused and hops online to do some research.

'Fantastic'. Im feeling chuffed about her self direction, confidence and go-get attitude and just a little pleased with both my parenting skills and her Montessori education (B2 is of the 'fly off the handle at the slightest disruption to fantasy state' kinda of girl) so these momentary traits of maturity and level headedness are really rather appreciated.

Dinner comes and goes, job ideas chatted about, homework gets done and the kids retire to their bedrooms. I sit at the the pc where she had been working and I see that her open notebook has a page filled with columns, dot points and a heading.

Buying a Franchise and 5 year Business Plan

Managing employees makes baby sitting sooo 1990's.


Kerrie said...

What a hoot...thanks to B2 for that smile, it's made my morning.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Well, you've gotta have a plan and dreams don't you?

Annuska said...

HAHAHA So good!

Anonymous said...


When we were 11 my friend and I went from house to house offering to wash cars. Some of the cars hadn't been washed in a very long time, including her Dad's, which had some exciting new species emerging in the dashboard. I never wash my car now that I'm old enough to have one.

Kel said...

kerrie- cracked me right up. hope the rest of your day was great.

pip- youre absoloutely right which i why i didnt say a word.

annuska - hahah , yes, she makes us smile quite a bit does our 'drama queen'. If only it translated well onto the real stage.

ICG- thanks! who needs to wash a car, in fact its still illegal here as far as i know...