Tuesday, June 9

first potatoes

boiled kipflers, eaten whole with skins on, dipped in mayo, bitten and dipped again...OMG! Today i will add anchovy and capers... Id prepared the first new spuds for the boybean for last nights dinner, chopped up into small cubes and topped with some fine grated pecorino, the delicate curls contracting when they met the heat of the spuds...thought he'd love them as they were so sweet and soft, but no. I ate the rest! Happily.

For me, pulling up new potatoes is one of lifes natural wonders and a moment filled with fear and anticipation; fear that you will spear the best of the bunch *crikey!*, and anticipation of just how many will be unearthed and how big they will be * you beauty!*

The potato patch soil is so soft and dark, crumbly in all the right ways and the earthy, musty smell thats released when im removing vines and their secret stash makes me happy to the core. This patch has been well composted and it shows. I will definitely miss my garden when we set off to sea and im a little overwhelmed at the unknown challenges of trying to get some fresh stuff growing aboard a boat. Challenge may be an understatement? No composting too, so how to deal with food scraps? Yikes, much food for thought.

Pulling potatoes. It's up there as one of my most favourite gardening moments.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I love potatoes, they look beautiful and I bet they tasted beautiful too. Tell me Kel, when did you plant those? I planted in September last year and I didn't seem to get much in the way of a harvest, possibly not enough water.

Kel said...

ummm, thinking...planted these in march i reckon. they were beautiful. creamy, sweet, fresh. home grown potatoes are up there with home grown tomatoes for me. fabbo! OUr summer crop did pretty well, we did use lots of water but could have been the type too, some produce waay more that others. Thats why i grow these ones- not very prolific and expensive in the shops.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Thanks Kel, I grew Nicolas and King Edwards (I think) might try Kipflers this time, you're right sooo expensive.

Zoe said...

You'll need a seachook for that compost.

And I can remember the shock I got eating my first homegrown potatoes - what a happy revelation. Wish I'd put some in this year :(

The word verification is "diplerse", which is a pretty good description of that feeling.

Kel said...

pip - no problemo! i did half the crop of kipflers this season! either a waste of space or a very good isea...

zoe-that pic doubles me up every single time i see it and ive spotted it around a while... it never fails. uh, what did you say...sidetracked!