Saturday, June 13

garden tour [with Gnome]

This is my blatant attempt to win a fantastic cook book from Mad Gnomes. Check it out. Some great giveaways in swap for a Gnome pic! This gnome is carved from a dead tree that still has roots in the ground and he wears his original bark coat. He looks a bit cranky (a mad gnome?) and sits amongst the agapanthus that line the driveway keeping a lookout...

Actually, while i was out taking a photo of our gnome, I had thought a garden tour may be of interest to some of you. I know i love to see where everyone lives, locate your stories, gardens, vegetables and lives, its the nosy parker in me.
The vegetable garden is not very abundant at the moment, offering us kale and potatoes, rocket, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and the last few yellow pear tomatoes each day. These tomatoes are the only ones i have 'wintered off' ( well actually just couldnt be bothered pulling them out).

The citrus are producing like crazy; on the go and in the fridge are oranges

mandarins which are small but sweet and juicy and grapefruit and my favourite lemons are about to ramp up into full production mode.
Courtesy of the Gnomes in the last day or two are some artichoke plants and 20 odd rabberry canes. Sweet. Looking forward to joys of both of these. I need to get them in the ground today.
These pics were taken just now so you can see its not pretty weather for gardening but i promised myself to get them in this weekend as we leave for holidays in 2 weeks.

I do believe that its something furry not slimy that is ravaging the rhubarb, decimating it. Im not sure if its got much of a fighting chance? I will cover them with some wire and see how it fares.

The dragon at the bottom of the garden has shed its skin and is looking rather wiry and cold; fitting for a dragon no? and the only colour left are the azaleas in the japanese stone garden.

The solar cels are still ticking the meter over but the boat that simon has been building since before we met is a little behind schedule, what with a new persons added to the mix, full time fathering, building the studio and the garden always needing something doing and wood chopped...
Its not the boat we intend to use on our big adventure!
ahh winter...sometimes i love it...


Barbara said...

Lovely garden - looking at
someone elses's garden is like
looking at someone else's
house - it's always better
than your own. I'm going out
RIGHT now and pull some weeds!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love having a sticky beak around other people's houses and gardens too!

Julie said...

Oooh, I love a good sticky beak too! So jealous of all your space and mature trees - maybe I could come and house-sit for you while you are all jaunting about on your boat ;-)

No fair though - I don't have a gnome to enter in Veg's giveaway :-(

Green Bean said...

I'm not a gnome fan (shhh!!!) but that one is a cutie!! Good luck.

livingmyrichlife said...

Your garden is just lovely. Thanks for sharing. You've provided me with inspiration.

kale for sale said...

Your garden is magic with the gnome and the dragon, the stone garden, a ship and furry things in the night eating the growing food. The little bean is going to have many tales as he grows in those trees. Thanks for the tour.

Rixa said...

OOh, I love the mad gnome! I am also very envious that you can grow exotic (to me) things like citrus fruits. Up here with our chilly midwestern US winters, that's a no-go.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

The gnome looks like something from The Hobbit. After seeing your rhubarb, mine looks positively leafy. (I'll have to rush outside and check it now)

Kel said...

yep, cant beat a good sticky beak, might do a house tour one day, its pretty weird in here! thanks for all your kinf words, hope youre gardens are all growing well..