Saturday, September 12


Saturday morning is my morning for a lie in. Sunday is the Blokes turn. I love Saturday, we've got it all worked out. The Bloke [insert me on Sundays] takes the bean downstairs after an hours play with us both and returns with coffee and a laptop. He's even gone so far to make a sign for the door to keep the bigger beans' potentially endless 'start of the weekend' questions at bay. It works a treat. Now they go to him with the questions. Also brilliant. Its nice to dual parent again!

So i sit propped up, slurp my coffee, read the news, check my mail and do blog stuff all with the aim of 'some morning relax'. But im finding that difficult this morning as i sit amongst, well...the filth. The bloke calls it 'our lovely nest'!
Crumbled leaves sit just inside the sliding door of the balcony, blown in through the rip in the flywire that the bean made yesterday, whales, orca and dolphins strewn around the floor, a huge book of animals of the world open and abandoned, my purse, removed earlier from my handbag hanging on the mirror open, coins spread, cards too. Dust on every surface (damn that Spring light), books piled high with their own layer of dust, cameras, photo frames with no photos, coffee rings on the side table and two days of work clothes and matching shoes left where i walked out of them, not to mention the gear on The Blokes side of the bed. Im finding it hard to relax in 'our lovely nest'. But Im definitely gunning for a day in the garden and not cleaning inside. Its perfect spring weather out there. So Im hoping for a complete and finished preparation of all the vege patches ready for planting out and great afternoon of creating in the kitchen. Im thinking homemade salami or sausages from some happy house or wild pork. Better get out of bed.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Bugger the dust and the cleaning, just do what makes you happy.

greenfumb said...

Sounds exactly like my house! Life is far too short to worry about things like that, enjoy your relaxation, I'm sure you've earned it.

Kelly said...

pip- yup, i did just that. still not done. minyana!

greenfumb- i try, constantly battle my control issues! i do however sweep the kitchen floor twice a day!